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Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Malaysia are now looking at China for foreign maids... hmm..

Frozen on foreign security guards permit, we are getting trained
guards from Sabah... good move - this can curb our RM from
flowing out!

We are now even looking further for outsourcing.. ???

Look at the pictures below and you will know why....

(Double clicked for a larger and clearer image)

This is even better, no worries on union or political issue.
No need foreign worker permit or levi payment!
No need EPF contribution, hard working and less
complaints, hehehe :D

Isn't this a good idea?? Just Kidding !!!

(Pictures taken at De Palma Hotel temporary carpark.
Captions & story are created for entertainment purposes
only - just for laugh!)


Merryn said...

so nice got kucing jaga parking. so i pay it with fish or money? hahaha..

Family of Four said...

Good one.

We can also breed good dogs for patrol purposes as well as use robots for enforcement and arrest.

This will surely help our mata-mata and Rela...............

JY Shops said...

wuahahahaha so funny lar..

can bribe the cat with fish also mar. :p

aslina said...

hoiyooo...should blanja dat cat one bucket of kfc as her salary lorr...


Iriene said...

Dear Merryn,

Fish I guess ...LOL

Iriene said...

Dear Family of Four,

Thanks for dropping by. Totally agree with you, we need more enforcement with the security issues in our country.

Iriene said...

Dear JY Shops,

Hahaha ... the parking attendants must belanja the cat for the hours it's on duty :)

Iriene said...

Dear Aslina,

Yes, KFC will be good :)