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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mosaic Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : 603- 2179 8881
Email :

6am–10:30am (Monday - Sunday)

Lunch :

12pm - 2:30pm (Monday - Sunday)


6.30pm–10:30pm (Monday - Sunday)

My son just love his heart-shaped waffle with honey.

Talking about honey, it is really special here. They offer

fresh honey (as shown below), freshly flow and collected

in a jar for our consumption. Fresh from the honeycomb!

Not only that, there are variety of honey for us to choose.

They have natural honey, creamy honey, wild forest honey,

fresh honey, etc.

Variety of nuts, cereals, biscuits that are really

delicious and nutritious!

Their Chinese / Japanese section have tasty dim sum,

teriyaki salmon and many more. They also have Indian

cuisine like chicken curry, roti canai, papadum, rice ...

This delicious breakfast set is superb. I love the tender

freshly grilled steak that are so awesome..beyond words!

The live kitchen that prepare the above grilled steak

(they will grill as per your order), sunny side up egg,

sausage etc... superliciously yummy!

Btw, they have fruit juices, smoothies, pastries and also
variety of refreshing yoghurt awaiting ... healthy and plenty!

I will definitely come again for their breakfast next year. I
have not try their lunch and dinner, anyone has try it out?
Do share about it :) Thanks ....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

RICHARD MARX WORLD TOUR 2011 (Genting Highlands)

At 8:38pm, upcoming local artist Liyana Fizi performed
a few numbers to the exciting audience. She has a
wonderful voice and beautiful face. After she left the
stage ... no sign of Richard Marx ???

At 9:20pm... the crowds is getting impatient, a voice
shouted out "Are you there?"..., ..another one "Oi Oi"
The curious fans are calling out for Richard Marx.

About 9:30pm Richard Marx came out & played the favorite
number "Endless Summer Nights" to the fans cheering!

His second song was "Take This Heart"
After his 3rd song he greet the Malaysian fans by saying
"Saya gembira berada di sini"

He later revealed that he had the above BM greeting
written on the paper which he placed on the floor. He
really know how to make us laugh.

His 4th Song titled "Keep Coming Back" which Richard
said was one of his first songs - earlier in his career.

5th song : To Where You Are
6th song : Until I Find You Again

He had a very interesting story on his 8th Song. He said
that he loves to read murder-mystery novels. So he
wrote a song based on this and after completed he finds
it the most stupid song he ever written. So he throw it into
the bin but his wife Cynthia Rhodes asked him to play. His
wife said the song will be a hit. Since he wants to prove his
wife wrong, he send it to the radio station. Just in 4 weeks
"Hazard" became Top Hit in 13 countries.

"Wife is right again ..."..audience laugh!

9th : "When You Love Me"
10th : "Hold On To The Nights"
11th : " Now And Forever"
12th : "Save Me" as depicted above is a song which he
wrote and his 3 sons played the piano, guitar and drum.

13th : "Angelia"

After Richard Marx sang "Can't Help Falling In Love",
someone from the audience request him to sing again!
He said no one sing the same song again, as he continues
jokingly "Did you come late?" The crowds laughed again!

16th : "Should've Known Better"

17th : "This I Promise You" Richard Marx invited his
pianist friend Steve and our Liyana Fizi to sing along with
him. (as the photo above)

18th : "Best Of Me" Richard Marx went down to greet
the audience.

As you can guess ... the title he performed for the Encore..

"RIGHT HERE WAITING" ... all the fans really enjoyed
and satisfied with a big smile as Richard Marx bid farewell!
To watch the video, please click here

A Big Thank You to NTV7 for making this a reality!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel (Christmas)

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number : (603) - 2074 3900
Time : 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm (Saturdays only for Hi-Tea)

Was here last Saturday with my son. The spread was so
good that I decided to come again and bring my mum
and hubby along this time. (ps.. we bought the vouchers at
1/2 price)

My mum who is quite choosy on food - the food must be healthy,
less oily etc. really satisfied with the spread here especially the
Chinese food section!

Christmas is around the corner as you can see snowman
all around near the fruits and strawberry/chocolate fountains.

Roasted turkey with delicious stuffing was excellent!

Fresh seafood are abundant especially the mouth watering
fresh oysters, abalone, scallop, baby octopus, salmon fish.
Not forgetting the sushi section too!

I overheard their laksa was good 'hou leng' but I did not
try as I am really full till the brim...

All kinds of desserts - Christmas cakes, cookies, nyonya kuih,
yoghurt ice-cream, ice kacang, chendol ... have it the way you
like it!

There are Malay & Indian cuisines too. Their chicken satay
was superb! I did try Indian Naan and papadum, fish head
curry etc.

Take some fresh air outside the garden to digest the food
and back again for the dim sum... oh yes, their Chinese
Section "Steam Fish" is the favorite selection.. they
keep replenish it many many times...that is really good!
Go for the steam fish (first thing) once you arrive there ...
hot and
tasty. They offer roasted duck, herbal chicken and
many more.

Fountains and greens to relax our mind and soul :)