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Saturday, July 25, 2009

PICTURE TO PONDER (V) - Dream World, Thailand

Ronald McDonald In Bangkok, Thailand.

We are now entering 2nd Half of 2009...
So, we should look back and ponder what
we had achieved or enjoyed for the last 6
months here...sweet and happy moments!

Instead of experiences to ponder, I present here
some pictures to ponder on...

Ronald McDonald is busy greeting
customers outside its outlet in
Bangkok. In Thai style " Sawadi khap"

A small boy with an extra big size lollipop!
Photo taken in Saturn Mall ( Eastern Europe)

Looking for cameras, where the latest meet the can find all of them here :)

Looking for a garden full of Love and Hearts?
Book Air Asia now... fly to Bangkok - this
romantic garden is situated in DreamWorld,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Taken some photos at Eastern Europe. Statues, Statues, Statues ...

Hi, just have a look at what private "detective 88" caught on her
spy glass (telescope)..?????

She even has a special "thought detector" that can detect what
the statues was

You may double clicked to see a bigger and clearer picture, enjoy....

General Napoleon Bonaparte knew every gossip in town.
He heard the two ladies conversation... :)
"Hey, who said I am eavesdropping? !"

"Step harder please, this is the best massage I could
ever get
since I am back from war. Do I missed
anything... it has been ages!"

"Don't be shy... Go in there, you will
definitely find something you like.
Don't worry, any currency we accept,
we need to boost our economy!"

"I have been standing here for centuries,
still awaiting for a call to act in 'Night at the Museum',
perhaps the 3rd Installment...hmmm.
Wish me Luck !"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is a very famous Astronomical Clock, situated
at Prague,
Czech Republic, Eastern Europe.
(600 years old)

The Astronomical clock
(Orloj) is one of Prague's most
beautiful attractions. Every hour , there will be a big crowd
of tourists who look amazed at the change of the hour and
the blessing of the Apostles.

Every Hour, the window of the clock will open and we
can see the 12 Apostles rotate one by one. It was said
that the End is near, therefore they give blessings.

There are also four figures at the clock dial, symbols

of the
Prague medieval society. These represent four
things that were despised at the time of the clock's
making. First, left side is Vanity admiring himself
in a mirror
. Next, a Miser holding a bag of gold
represents greed or usury.

Across the clock stands Death, a skeleton that
strikes the time upon the hour (ringing his bell).
Finally, the Infidel Turk wears the Turban
his head.

Once finished, the rooster will crow to mark everything
is fine (not end time yet)! but it means time is up
(the end time) for the
4 figures above. yay!
Hundreds of tourist clapped hands with joy...
It is indeed interesting to see hundreds of
tourists gathered there every hour to witness this
clock with amazement.

I just wonder whether the rooster will stop crowing on
as the movie 2012 presumed on that
particular date, it will be the end of the world!

There will be more fact and history about this
Astronomical Clock, how the maker was blinded,
in Part 1.


The Astronomical clock or Orloj is one of Prague's most
beautiful attractions. Every hour it gathers hundreds of
tourists that look amazed at the change of the hour and
the blessing of the Apostles.

This astronomical clock
was constructed in 1410 by the
clockmaker Mikulas of Kadan in collaboration with
Jan Ondrejuv called Sindel.

80 years later, the legendary master Hanus rebuild the
clock and as legend has it, the Councillors had him blinded,
so that he would not ever manage to build another
instrument greater than the Orloj in Prague.

The story also says that before he died, master Hanus
deliberately damaged the clock so seriously, that nobody
could ever fix it again. He also cursed the instrument,
those who tried to repair it have either gone mad or died.

At the Calendar you will see: (from left to right)

A chronicler, an angel, an astronomer and a philosopher .

There is also a rooster that crows after the Apostles
have finished their blessing.

It may seem the funniest thing is , one can read almost
on the Prague Orloj BUT the time.

The Sphere or clock dial shows most important
astronomical events: movement of the sun
(notice that the sun circles around the Earth and
not the other way around
), phases of the
moon, the equinoxes, the seasons, the days
and the zodiac.

You can also read more about this in Part 2.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Look-alike : a person or thing closely resembling another.

Have you been told that you look-alike someone eg. a superstar,
actress, artist, etc.? Or someone called you by wrong name....
mistaken you as someone else?
The answer is at the end of this post :D

Picture taken on 11th January 1998 (long time ago).
I snapped it somewhere near Orchard Road, Singapore.
They trimmed the tree branches (away from road/traffic)
and to my surprised it resemblance __________!
It wasn't tree sculpturing.. just random trimming!
What does it look-alike?
My son said it look like reindeer, how about you?

The same tree, but now with the bushes/scrub.
What does it look-alike now?
Compare it with the picture below (I can only find this picture
in my old album, :) . Does it look like ostrich ? Except without
the beak...

There is this belief that... in this world, there will be seven (7)
different person look-alike in different part of the world. Oops
minus the one did plastic surgery, ....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mysterious Road in Jeju Island, Korea

Mysterious Road - something you might not seen before:
a road where your car is literally rolling uphill!!!

The mysterious road is about 7km from Jeju International Airport
and was called "Mysterious Road" because when a car in neutral
N Gear), will moves uphill instead of downhill (appear to roll
uphill rather than downhill) It was first discovered in 1980 by a
taxi driver who was giving a driving tour to the newlywed couple.

(During our tour to Jeju Island -Mysterious Road, the tour guide
told us
another version of this story. According to her, the taxi
driver park his
car on Neutral -Gear and went to release (pee)
behind the bushes/tree.
To his surprise, when he came back to
discovered his car disappeared >...has rolled uphill :D

Today, it is visited by many tourist who want to experience the
unusual natural force. There are also many empty bottles along
the road, try to roll it, the bottle will roll uphill instead of downhill.
Or try running upward the road, you will find it easier than
running downward.

Have a look at the attached you-tube courtesy of other travellers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



The first time I looked at it, I thought it was REAL because this
puppy is actually have the real life movement (breathing chest
movements)! The mechanics that they put in it make it so real.
I thought it was real puppy sleeping. I saw it in 1 Utama during
promotion. They have so many of these , selling at various prices.
It is FAKE puppy!

One of the world's tiniest/smallest species of monkey. You can
see the hand that hold it. This is REAL. I snapped this photo in
1 Utama during promotion too!

Lovely loving rabbits (manja-nya!). This is REAL too, lol...
This photo was taken at Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Farm.

This trolley is unique and practical. You can see an attachment
on top of the trolley where baby can lie on it like baby pram.
This is REAL. Photo taken at one of the leading supermarket in
Bangkok, Thailand.

Last but not least, the fountain with rainbow on it (right). Can
you spot the rainbow? This is REAL too, no camera tricks :D
Photo taken at Tivoli World (a Theme Park) in Malaga, Spain.
To know more on Tivoli World and it's theme song , just click
the red hyperlink above, tks!

I hope you like it.... a collection of real photos...
taken using my Nokia 6680 handphone, smile :D