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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Where am I? An Art Gallery? Painting Exhibition?

NO... I am actually at :

The Hotel - Holiday Inn Melaka, when the door of
the lift opens, these beautiful paintings will greet you
at every floor (2nd - 20th floors).

I was there on 7/6/09 -8/6/09 courtesy of Holiday
Inn Melaka. Beautiful Hotel, very convenient. The
Jetty, the Eye On Malaysia (the Wheels), Stadhuys
all are within walking distance...

View from our hotel room (entrance), breathtaking day and night view of Eyes on Malaysia!

The buffet breakfast is superb at Es-sense Kitchen (not essence of chicken, just kidding! :D) Beautiful paintings on the wall too!
Varieties of bread, buns, cakes, fruits, japanese spread, nasi lemak, ayam rendang, omelette, porridge, sausages, pancakes, cereals, yoghurt,
juices (guava, orange, soya milk, pineapple) fresh milk, low fat milk, roti canai, kuew teow soup, fried beehoon, etc...

This is the jacuzzi for couple.... aromatic rose & milk bath which will soothe your body & mind! I enjoyed the spa very much. The Tea Tree Spa staff and specialist/therapist are very friendly especially Renny & Mandy. This is my first taste of luxury spa. Many years ago, I went for spa holiday @ Palace of the Golden Horses, twice also I didn't went for the spa... too busy with Commonwealth 98, Mines Wonderland etc. Opportunity for spa @ Bintan Island and Tanjung Jara (YTL), again I didn't go for it. From now on, after this Holiday Inn Malacca... I will set my eyes on spa holiday :D .. Everyone should try... go for it!

BIG Thank You to Holiday Inn Malacca & Mix FM... for this memorable & luxurious holiday package! Not forgetting their reservation executive : En. Hafiz and front desk : Ms. Kurshiah
for being so helpful to render their assistance upon request!

For more info on Holiday Inn Melaka, their website is :


Merryn said...

my cuz is werking there! :D

Iriene said...

Merryn :
Hi, u orang mana? Wow, if u go there got special treatment leh! So Nice!

marcus said...

By the way, that hat looks great on you. Now please keep this to yourself, I hope my Facebook and MySpace girlfriends didn't see this. Darn.

marcus said...

and oh yah, thx for the nang. I'm getting really old.

marcus said...

wait a min, are you a psychic or something? I mean you interpret dreams?

HappySurfer said...

Those are very nice paintings. Thanks for sharing them and congrats for winning all those contests. You are very good. Thanks for stopping by.

leo7_lion said...

Oh, holiday in Malacca. Must try the local food. Very scrumptious =)

Jeff Khoo said...

hey, Thanks for visiting ya...
very nice art gallery... i think until now i didnt really have chance to go to any gallery... looking forward going one in the future:)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Iriene, you got a nice shots in there. I love to be in an art exhibit, too. :)

Iriene said...

Jeff :
Tks for your comment...
These beautiful paintings are actually hang on the walls of each floor at Hotel Holiday Inn Malacca.

poopiebumz said...

Iriene: 9 people in that restaurant lol np it's good to share :P thanks for comment LOL!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...


The paintings are so nice. I like the first one the most.
You looked great in the pic.

You only eat so lil for your bfast?

By the way, you are most welcome about the video URL that I have provided to you.
Actually you may try a lot of cakes there.
So you intend to bake sponge cake?
Last time I have some difficulty in beating the egg white till the desired texture.
Wish you all the best!

Jemsem also watched the video with cute.
If he is interested, maybe he can join mommy in the baking process. Is fun actually!

About the nuffnang ads, I have saw most of my fren got it. But I have no idea how it works.

Hehe, anyway thanks for your comment about my blog posts. Actually I just post what I wish to post. Hehe.

mschorlor said...

the art pieces are very nice
and even the photos all in this post are very nicely taken

iriene said...

mscholor : Big Thank you for visiting and ur comments. You make my day :D Tks again...

Joanne Chan said...

Wow.. nice!

Btw, why don't you place a chatbox in your blog? So that I can say hi there =)

Iriene said...

Dear Joanne Chan,

Thanks for the very practical advise.
Truly appreciate it :)
Done... do keep in touch!