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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Nasi Lemak, Roti Tissue (Malaysian Breakfast)

Hi, it is Wednesday morning!

So it's middle of the week..
What have we achieved so far?
Have we meet our target?
We still have time to catch-up
coz now is mid-week...

Have you Smile with someone today?

Isn't it beautiful? God creates beautifully...
Therefore you are beautiful - SMILE!

Bigger (Complete) Picture of the same flower....
Isn't it captivating?
Seeing the complete picture in our life (fully bloomed),
Isn't it captivating to see what we are today ....
SMILE and the World will SMILE with you

Spread some LOVE among your friends to make
this LIFE a wonderful place on earth..
Even the egg yolk shows it heart's shape (LOVE)
among the cucumbers, peanuts, anchovies on the
nasi lemak in the morning?

Little boy was fascinated to see his order
for Roti Tissue came in extraordinary
height. How am I going to finish this??
Wondering... Answer is by Sharing !
Sharing Make the Love Flowing ...

All of the above pictures was taken
using my NOKIA 668O handphone.


Lawrence said...

that roti tissue amazed me.. din noe it can be that long.. cz normally, the roti will be fold when it reach my table.. lolz..

Anyway, why nt put a chat box in ur blog also? lolz.. interested to know more abt u and ur son.. is that ur son in the photo? =)

P.S: nt really having a good time with my facebook issue.. hope it can be resolved soon. :(

Merryn said...

see see.. i TOLD u to put a chat box here! hahahaha.. wow.. roti tissue so high! i oso want.. :D

leo7_lion said...

Waw, this roti tisu is so speechless XD Lol

Cath J said...

aww.. I love the lotus!!!

Iriene said...

Dear Lawrence, Merryn, Leo & Cath J :

Thanks for the wonderful comments.
The chat box is up, you are right :)

JamesKYTan said...

There is a saying, "Love makes the World go round." How about, " Sharing makes the World go round."