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Monday, June 22, 2009

FLOATING HOTEL like Spaceship

Hi, got this picture from an email.

Would like to share it, hope you like it!

The above picture is about floating hotel.

Russian architect Alexander Asadov has come up

with the floating Aerohotel, a spaceship-like hotel

concept that is held above the water via an elegant

system of supports. By building the hotel above

the water rather than on it, the design preserves

the environment beneath it. Features include

hanging gardens, cafes and restaurants, and a

nifty landing strip for a Zeppelin.


Family of Four said...

What will they think next?
Build hotels underground in the earth's core?

Merryn said...

but all the construction itself will destroy the marine life beneath them! looks good but hope it wont happen! :D

Merryn said...

r u ok now? ur gigi still pain? the weather's not 'sane' lately, so take care.

leo7_lion said...

I like your blog too^^ it's so informative =D

Sherii yap said...

the hotel is beautiful XD wow! really cool...i don't mind living there :P