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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is great to stay 'connected' at all times.
It is even crucial to stay 'connected' especially
I need to check the stock market ie. being able
to buy and sell at
the right price and at the right time. is "Wall Street - Money Never Sleep".

HTC Aria and Digi, I stay connected wherever I am.
I can check the price of my shares at my finger tips :)

Then I won't miss the 'money making opportunity'!

Stay connected can be expensive...but having the
'Smartplan by Digi', we can optimize it!

Have a look at DG Smart Plan and its many options for you
to get hold of HTC Aria.

Checking e-mails, log in to 'myLot' (my money making site),
updating facebook and blogging is truly important as these
are my daily online activities that I must DO! With HTC Aria
and DIGI SmartPlan...I can DO IT :D

I would say, with HTC Aria - I will travel and still be connected.
(of course with DG SmartPlan to enable the connection)

Stay in Touch and be Connected .............

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yippee... at last I bought the SD card for my new beauty (HTC-Aria).
It cost me RM80.00 for 2GB memory card. Now I can use the camera
features and games too.
The SD card have a 5-year warranty ..

As you can see the interior of this HTC Aria is quite special.
It is yellow in color - in harmony with DIGI cheerful character!

Immediately I walked down to 1Utama - Oval and snap some photos
with HTC Aria's 5 megapixels camera feature. I am really
satisfied with
the result. You can see the define color and super
clear picture.
Look at the drum - the clear, sharp and rich color!

It would be better if the camera has a built-in flash to enhance night shot.

To zoom in or zoom out, all you need to do is just use your finger to
slide the screen of the HTC Aria up or down. It is that simple!

I also managed to video the drumming performance. Will try to post it later.

For Games & other Apps , we can download from the Android market.

Such as :


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear bloggers and readers,

It is definitely awesome if we can access our blogs
and our fellow bloggers' blogs at our finger tip,
anywhere - anytime, right ???

With HTC Aria - Android phone powered by
DIGI Smart Plan, it can be done!

HTC Aria is one of the smallest Android smartphone
in the market, a bright 3.2" HVGA display, 5 megapixel
camera, GPS and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP Stereo - an
amazingly easy-to-carry design...simple and classy!
Not to mention, it has FM Radio too.

When I was given the opportunity to review the
above smartphone - HTC ARIA, the first thing
that I do was to log in to my blog! I was really
amazed at how fast it log in.... ( image as above )

I will review base on what I do with it because
I am definitely not an IT / gadget savvy person...
It is from 'layman' terms and perspective...LOL

The above screen is really cool, it even have the
virtual wiper...
Wow! Can you see it?
This feature allow us to check the weather of the
cities in
the world. (Can 'tayang' / show-off....)

However, the first thing we need is a Google account.
Key in our Google username and password, that's it!
Once we have configured the Google account into the

HTC Aria smartphone, all our other Google account
settings such as gmail, contacts, planner etc., will be
synchronized into our phone all at once. Cool, isn't it??

Not forgetting social networking tools such as facebook,
twitter, youtube, blogs, google search and many more.

As you can observe, there are basically 4 standard keys.
(Lower section of the HTC Aria as the image above)

Home key to your home page.
Menu key to all your applications and settings.
Back key to go to previous screen.
Search key for a quick search.

It also have an inbuilt optical joystick.
Just below the 4 standard keys.

It is so easy to use, I called it user friendly.
Simple yet practical with virtual Qwerty keyboard.

My favorite main page above. Just one touch
on the internet icon, my blog will appear. I
just love this feature very much. I can surf
the internet anywhere, anytime - always!
(Canggihnya ....)

Another useful feature when we are out and about.
A compass to guide us wherever we are.

We can also download virtual Quran, Bible, your
favorite novels into this HTC Aria. With this feature,
we can read anywhere, as it is very practical.

There is one thing we love about this HTC Aria is
its USB Cable, adapter and 3pin plug. We can use it
to charge our iPod Touch too. No need to charge through
the computer or notebook anymore.
I called it 'versatile gadget'

More on HTC Aria in my next post when I get the SD card.
To explore on other features like camera & games we need
to get an SD card. See you soon :)


We have a wonderful 'berbuka puasa' with the Digi Angels on
6th September 2010. This is my first experience. It is definitely
a good occasion to foster the 'One Malaysia' spirit! Thanks to
DIGI and Nuffnang :)

We have 'ice breaking' session which we need to find information
of another DIGI Angel which her sticker name was given to us
randomly. There are 10 lucky winners who brought home a
'5 days internet access preloaded card' each.

It was held at The Apartment restaurant on 1st Floor,
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. (
The buffet spread is really delicious with wonderful fusion
of Western, Asian and Malay cuisines. Every dish is delicious.

Those claypots are filled up with tantalizingly prepared dishes.

The captivating view of KLCC fountains at the lake just outside
'The Apartment' restaurant. What an ambience :)

I hope we will have more events organised by DIGI and Nuffnang.
They are awesome!