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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angel of Friendship

In year 2005, there was an angel of friendship appeared in our life. We knew her as Lee2, she
brought all the mums who waited to fetch their children home from school to gather together
and thus became friends. She organised breakfast gatherings, birthdays gatherings and
festivals gatherings too. We ate, we chatted and we laughed together  ... without realizing 8 years
have past. Recently on 29th December 2012 we met again but this time extra special!

We got our children to join us too! After primary school most of them have gone to separate
secondary schools. It was good to see how tall and charming they had become as teens.

Lee Lee managed to get Phek and Jo Nee to join us ... (those who were there knew what happened
to Phek's car and she went beyond to join us ...fantastic power of friendship!)

May and Li-Ann just arrived from Canberra late last night and rushed over to join us. May Wong quickly opened her luggage and brought along all the wonderful and delicious goodies, chocolates, biscuits from Australia for us. We truly appreciated it ....  great friendship to share!

First we went to Kayu SS2 for teh tarik and roti tisu, later we adjourned to Chilli Pan Mee SS2 for
lunch. All the mums and 1 dad (James being the photographer for the event) had a great time. We
were the loudest and noisiest crowd out there It seems the children were surprised to catch their
parents having so much fun together ...laughing like nobody business ???

Photo taken outside Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee SS2, Petaling Jaya with mums, dad and children.
Photo courtesy of Irene Chin.

We truly had a great time and we are planning to visit Lee2 and Darien in Melbourne after SPM next year. The above gathering was for Lee2 and Darien farewell. We wished each other a Blessed New Year 2013, and wished all the teens 'All the best for SPM' . Thanks to Lee lee and everyone who had joined us and made this occasion a memorable and wonderful one for 2012.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


There has been many collections and creative ideas on 
'In case on Emergency Break Glass.' Some are really 
funny. You may add more in your comments.
Here are 2 photos that I have snapped.
Hope you like it :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012


One evening as I walked passed by a cafe at 10 Boulevard, PJ.
This poster caught my attention. Any comments on the phrase?
Is it true?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Variety of Cakes - just eat one piece of each kind will make me
full, so I shared it with my son.
My son's favorite waffle and sausages.
My favorite yogurts.

Nutritious fresh juices - great for a morning wake up call :)

The above wonderful breakfast can be found at Tonka Bean
Cafe in Impiana Hotel Kuala Lumpur near KLCC.

Many thanks to Impiana Kuala Lumpur for a great stay,
delicious food and wonderful view of KLCC Twin Towers.
Definitely a great place to stay for business and holiday alike!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soup Restaurant @ One Utama, PJ

Soup Restaurant
G210A, Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya Tel : 03-77272788

The Main Entrance

The spectacular ambience surrounding by bamboo - as if
we are in China by the lake :)

Herbal scallop with mushroom soup

Fish fillet, but we prefer sweet sour pork over this dish.

Ah Por Fan Shu leaves / Ah Kong Fan shu leaves.
The difference is the amount of sambal / less or more

Tau fu : Nice and tender.

Samsui Ginger Chicken - a must order! Very tasty when
dipped into the ginger sauce - aromatic & perfect combination!

Absolutely 5 star!

You can wrap it with lettuce too :)

Hmmmm ... I wanna dine here again but a bit pricey!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Congratulations to the newly wedded couple :)

Mr. Sridaran and Miss Sharmani.

As we arrived at the venue, we are greeted and welcomed
by beautiful young ladies with their warmth smiles. Ms. Malani
at the center will sprinkle some holy water (I guessed).

A beautiful 'kolam' of Peacock made from colorful grain /rice.
The Peacock also holds a very significant place in the Indian
heritage, religion and culture.

Portrait of married photo was displayed at the entrance.
The couple was wearing the traditional costume.

The stage was lavishly decorated and enhanced with the
dramatic colors of lights.

Classy settings creates a very enchanting ambience.

As the main 'king and queen' (newly married couple) arrived,
displays of fireworks brighten the night sky that evening.
Can you spot the round white bright moon among the sparkling
lights from the fireworks ?? .... :) So clever !!

The MC of the night was very talented, he can speak in Tamil,
English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia very fluently.
Followed by energetic and lively traditional dance performance.

Delicious 'muhibah' style Indian cuisines was served. The
dry curry was tasty and not hot. Sweet sour fish was great.

Cake cutting and pouring of champagne glass fountain by
the married couple.

Well wishers congratulates the newly wedded couple, shower them
with gifts. Photograph sessions with invited guests.

The wedding car - BMW @my dream car :)

We enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to say a BIG
"Thank you to Miss. Malani and the newly wedded couple'
for inviting us to share this memorable and beautiful event.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I would like to wish all mothers who visited my blog here :-

A Very Happy Mother's Day 2012 (13/5/2012)
May the love and bonding closer than ever,
Mummy, Mama, Mom .. you are the greatest person in the world :)

My mom and I :)

My son and I :)

Show our appreciation to our mums ...
She knew, she cares and she loves us so much more :)

Invite your mum, call her, email her to say "I love you Mom "

Cheers till we meet again in my next post.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Double Tree by Hilton / Makan Kitchen Restaurant

Stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton last weekend and it was really a great weekend getaway.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


You may enjoy an authentic Chinese fine dining experience
and its delicious house specialities like Peking Duck as per
photo above.

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant
@ Petaling Jaya Hilton
No. 2, Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : 03-79559122

As we enter, we were greeted by this appetizing salads / cold dish.

Wonderfully arranged and deliciously prepared, definitely
a feast to the eyes.

Variety of dim sum to choose from, very tasty and my mum
enjoyed it very much. This dim sum buffet came with soya bean
drink,which is my family favorite drink too. You may order
Chinese tea but it will be charge accordingly. They also have
spread of fresh oyster, salmon, porridge (highly recommended),
fried kueh teow, noodle soup and much much more.

My son's favorite fried wanton, he loves it so much that he ate
12 pieces. Yummy ... he said :) Another popular fried item is
the crispy sesame ball. Everyone just love them... this is
proven by looking at how fast it was emptied from the plate.
They have to keep replenishing them.

Not forgetting desserts, cakes and fruits like mangoes,
watermelon, strawberries, etc.

The buffet dim sum is priced at RM68++ per person (adult)
Time : 11:30am - 3:00pm
Sundays only (I think, you may call them to confirm)

Definitely will go there again ...
Just love the food, ooh... glorious food :D

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Oriental Pavilion is quite popular for Chinese Wedding dinner.
Located at 1st Floor, Jaya 33, No. 3 Jalan Semangat, Section 13
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Contact Number : 03-7957 8488

Managed to try their RM1088 nett per table of 10 pax.
The first course is "Three Treasures Combinations".
Followed by "Double-Boiled Coral Shark's Fin with Dry Scallop
& Chinese Cabbage (Individual serving)

Then this unique looking "Ying Yang Pomfret" (as above).
The fish is actually standing supported by a stick, quite a
creative food presentation.

Then they serve delicious "Vegetarian Roll & Baby Duck"

The fifth dish is :

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Money Bag ... come, let's put some money in :)

Plus + Money Bag

and you have above ... the delicious and crispy

"Deep Fried Soft Crab in Money Bag" add a slice of freshly
cut cucumber...and the sweet sauce, it is truly heavenly!

Can I have one more please ....

Braised Abalone with Dried Oyster & Dried Seafood in Winter Melon

Yummy ..whole abalone, an absolutely prosperous dish!

Fried Rice with Minced Meat in Pineapple Boat

Doubled Boiled Sweet Dessert & Thousand Layered Cake

Yummy.. full to the brim, would love to eat there again :)

Cheerio till we meet again in my next post!