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Monday, January 18, 2010


Hmmm... Why I Like It Longer?

This photo - Great Wall of China shows us the advantages of
being longer.

It is the only man-made structure can be seen from the moon.
Isn't it fascinating? It's one of the 'Seven Worders of the World"

I believe my photo above will look better if I can use LG’s new
Chocolate phone (BL40) with its uniquely long shape that allows
for a 4-inch widescreen complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera !
Both photos above was taken in year 2000 long before this
evolutionary LG Chocolate BL40 arrived.

Even the Legendary Conquerer Alexander the Great like it long!
The above picture is Alexandria City, built during the
time of Alexander the Great, after he conquered the city!
I think this photo will look great on the LG BL40 screen :)

I managed to interview 2 not-so-famous person on
"Why they Like It Longer"? This is what they told me!

Me : Why you like it Longer?
Boy : It is so cramp inside here. I wish my mum will get
for me a bath tub like this one...

Boy : Isn't it 'cool' to take bath in it? More 'comfy'!

Me : Boy, why you look so tired?
Boy : I can't stand straight, my feet is cramp for hours in the plane.
How I wish the airplane can be longer and provides
space room for my tiny feet....

Boy : This hotel suite (Palace of the Golden Horses) knows best.
It provides a long settee which I can really stretch my feet!

By the way, I like this 'roti tisu'.
It is longer than usual and I can share it with my whole family :)
Sharing is caring...

Sitting on a limousine like this is definitely catching the
'papparazi' attention...LOL

All these people in this photo all agreed that a longer

screen gives better view. Sad thing is not all can fit in!
It's a waste - not able to capture all the fun happy faces.
Imagined all the icons cramped here...

This different group of people are lucky, they went for a
longer holiday, and a longer camera screen fit them all in!

Managed to checked out with this guy. He ADMITs he likes
it long!

Do you remember how long is Avatar screening? 2 hours 45 minutes.
We enjoyed every bit of it, and we WANT MORE! Longer than any
ordinary movie...

To make things even better, as a privilege of LG’s association with
Twentieth Century Fox, the new LG Chocolate BL40 phones comes
embedded with special content from James Cameron’s epic action
movie AVATAR. What better way to utilize LG Chocolate’s amazing
4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution to give users a
cinematic experience all in a grip. Featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio
HD panoramic display, LG brings a better user experience when
browsing web pages, checking emails or viewing videos on the
cinema-like screen. (copy from Nuffnang)

Looks at this sexy, slim and long LG Chocolate BL40.
It is really "Love at First Sight"
A Fashion Statement that shouts out 'loud and clear!
A definite "The Wonder of Handphones"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chinese New Year Decoration at One Utama

Chinese New Year songs can be heard at the mall.

Oranges and lanterns everywhere....

Where is the 'ang pow' (red packets) huh???

Cute 'prosperity' cat! OR see below :

"Paws-perity" as stated at the banner...LOL

Happy Chinese New Year to all, by the way, it is a
double celebration because it coincides with
Valentine Day too! February 14th 2010.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saladin's Castle by the Red Sea - Beautiful

Castle always brought us back to fairy tales.
However, this beautiful Saladin Castle is a
well known castle in history, beautifully situated
by the Red Sea.

Photos taken whilst on the moving bus.