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Wednesday, July 1, 2009



The first time I looked at it, I thought it was REAL because this
puppy is actually have the real life movement (breathing chest
movements)! The mechanics that they put in it make it so real.
I thought it was real puppy sleeping. I saw it in 1 Utama during
promotion. They have so many of these , selling at various prices.
It is FAKE puppy!

One of the world's tiniest/smallest species of monkey. You can
see the hand that hold it. This is REAL. I snapped this photo in
1 Utama during promotion too!

Lovely loving rabbits (manja-nya!). This is REAL too, lol...
This photo was taken at Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Farm.

This trolley is unique and practical. You can see an attachment
on top of the trolley where baby can lie on it like baby pram.
This is REAL. Photo taken at one of the leading supermarket in
Bangkok, Thailand.

Last but not least, the fountain with rainbow on it (right). Can
you spot the rainbow? This is REAL too, no camera tricks :D
Photo taken at Tivoli World (a Theme Park) in Malaga, Spain.
To know more on Tivoli World and it's theme song , just click
the red hyperlink above, tks!

I hope you like it.... a collection of real photos...
taken using my Nokia 6680 handphone, smile :D


Merryn said...

i saw dat little monkey too! i'm always in 1U during the weekends! :D

iriene said...

Merryn> perhaps one of the weekend (after H1N1 over & blown away), we should meet up, perhaps gather some mummies/bloggers to join and have family fun???

renaye said...

i have seen those fake dogs before. they were also sold at the flea market in the curve.

Kuntong said...

wooo..the Monkey so so cute!! 1U vry far frm me...seldom go thr. =(

frostier said...

thanks for dropping by.

I see that u also enjoy taking photos.

Family of Four said...

Very good posting. Informative and one can take notice of the 'novelties' around us.


Iriene said...

tks for ur sweet comments.
I had just bought Berjaya Toto at RM5.05 but now RM5.00 (100 shares only)

Mummy Gwen said...

I seldom go 1U. The fake puppy looks so REAL. That tiny monkey is called a Marmoset if I'm not mistaken. :) BTW, Thanks for your vote ya. :D

James said...

Hi Irienne, Just dropping by from Coginix as promised earlier :D Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier :D Fake doggies eh? Hrm....what else are they gonna make fake versions of? and the monkey is not really the smallest species. I think the tarsier is the smallest.

iriene said...

Mummy Gwen & James >
Tks for ur comments and the names of the monkey. I learned new things again... :) Tks and keep in touch!

Mommy and Daddy said...

Huhhh! The monkey is real? So tiny one...

I like rabbit a lot. How about you, Iriene

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Huhhh! The monkey is real? So tiny one...

I like rabbit a lot. How about you, Iriene

Iriene said...

Dear Sarah's Daddy & Mommy,

Yes, the monkey is REAL :)

JamesKYTan said...

Hi Iriene, I saw the fake puppy breathing( the movement of its abdomen up and down) seems so real, like the promises of politicians seem so real but it the end is an illusion.

Iriene said...

Dear James,

Hahaha.... you really know how to metaphorical in every aspect of life
Thanks for sharing.