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Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Statue of Sherlock Holmes right in front
of his office in London.

I'm Sherlock Holmes!!!!!!
in the making???

WHY??? Because ...................................

I am at the right time and right place - London.
This is the opportunity to be Sherlock Holmes' one and
only 'apprentice'...LOL

Sherlock Holmes is a great detective and he's my hero!

You can see Tower Bridge in action in this latest
movie 'Sherlock Holmes'!

My first mission will be to find out the real identity of
this headless, faceless, suspicious guy above!

However, I am clueless..
I need Sherlock Holmes 'sifu' to help me out!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Perhaps the famous and most beautiful castle in the world!
This is the castle that inspire the Sleeping Beauty Castle in

To go up the hill to this beautiful castle, the road is winding
and narrow. We have to transfer from our tourist bus into
Mini bus to go up. If the weather do not permit the Mini
bus to go up, then we have to go up by horse carriage just
like the picture below. All of us hope to sit the horse carriage.
However, on that day, the weather is great.....LOL

Manage to snap a photo outside the castle. We are not
allowed to snap any photos inside Neuschwanstein Castle.

This photo was taken at the foothill of
Neuschwanstein. We bought a set of Monopoly
that depict Castles in Germany....but it is in
foreign language...LOL

Hope you enjoy reading this post, cheers :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


A Spanish Theme Park /Amusement Park in Benalmadena,
Malaga, Spain.

As you enter Tivoli World in Benalmadena, the Tivoli theme song
will be playing at the background. The word "Entrada" means
Entrance in Spanish. This is the first word I learn at Tivoli World.
We can still see the moon (near the cable car) even at 11:30 am.
You can spot the partial moon just below the wire cable (click the picture to see bigger image)

We enjoyed the Pinocchio Ride, we went for 3 rounds..LOL
As you can see above, Entrada = Entrance and Salida = Exit

The entertainer guide those guests from the crowd to
join in the dance.

Now they are ready to dance with those beautiful and hot
Spanish dancers...

More photos :)

There is one ride that we enjoyed very much.
We went in again and again. It is dark inside
and we need to go through a path that requires
a bit of challenge. The floor/plank is actually
rolling, moving forward & backward, left to right,
upwards etc, really FUN!

Monday, November 16, 2009


A relaxing and enjoyable resort with a touch of 'class'!

Beautiful palm trees at the beach.

Can have 'candle light dinner' for two by the beach.
Having fine dining and watching sunset at the same time.

Walking by the beach after a few rounds of badminton
at the recreation area.

Beautiful landscape as we walk to the restaurants. They
offer ala carte and steamboat too.

They also offers aromatherapy spa, an open space library,
and free wifi connection with computer desktops.

Traditional cultures are found everywhere at this resort.
Back to nature, back to culture :)

My favorite dessert ~ lava cake with ice cream!
You must try, deliciously yummy!

The meals are all inclusive in the package of
3 days 2 nights stay. Their 'keropok basah' is
fabulous, not forgetting the roti boom with kaya!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

‘NO Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009’.

Suspense...Latest News

The #1 Mister Potato Contest is Here!

Suspense ..Suspense..
, 5 motocycles arrived at
6:30 pm near a school. The back of the motorbikes
are loaded with ......................................................

the highest quality, crispiest and the crunchiest potato chips!

The riders are all in Mexican costumes with the
Huge Mexican Hat....

Senior..Gracias! Mama Mia! What is happening??
They are giving free Mister Potato crunchiest potato
chips to the school children...

Ola, who is the lucky boy with Mister Potato!

'YES means YES,

NO means NO

No such thing as 'Compromise'


The lawyer asking the witness "Did you see it?
Answer me, YES or NO ?"


Michael Jackson song : " BLACK Or WHITE"
He never mentioned GREY........LOL


God asked us to choose "HEAVEN Or HELL"
Did He mentioned Earth as forever ??


So do you choose the Crispiest, Crunchiest Mister Potato
or Others ???

I have traveled to MEXICO to look for
Mister Potato because I only go for the
best potato chips for my snacks!
I am NO, NO, NO Compromising..
Nothing , BUT the BEST!

NO Compromise, Mister Potato only choose the best ingredients,
the best potatoes, the best slicer, the best technology, the best fryer
in making the
crispiest - crunchiest potato chips EVER...........


To join Mr. Potato Fiesta 2009 contest and win the prizes up to
RM20,000, just click the link below :-