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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vikingdom : The Blood Eclipse (2013)

"Vikingdom" is by far KRU Studio's biggest production to-date and with a budget exceeding RM20 million, "Vikingdom" is the largest production in the history of the Malaysian film industry. The US release is slated on October 4, 2013. Malaysian fan can watch it on 12th September 2013, making it a very timely release just days before the "Malaysian Day" celebrations.

The creative team behind this fabulous film : read more at :

Universal Pictures has acquired United Kingdom, the Nordics, Australia/New Zealand and additional
territories for the international release of "Vikingdom".

Movie Title           : Vikingdom : the Blood Eclipse
Genre                 :  Fantasy, action adventure
Rating (Malaysia)   :  PG13
Language             :  English
Available              :  2D & 3D
Date Release        :   12/9/2013 (Malaysia),  4/10/2013 (US)
Extra Info             :  visual effects driven action movie. 
Cast                  :   Dominic Purcell, Natassia Malthe, Craig Fairbrass, Jon Foo, Conan Stevens

"Vikingdom" - The Malaysian-Made Film for the Global Audience !

Based on Viking legends and epic poems, "Vikingdom"  is a fantasy, action adventure about a forgotten king, Eirick - who was tasked with the impossible odds to defeat Thor, the god of thunder.
Thor is on a mission to gather the key ancient relics namely "Mjolnir" - his hammer from Valhalla,
"Necklace of Mary Magdalene" from Mitgard and the "Horn" from Helheim. This need to be accomplished before the Blood Eclipse, which happens once every 800 years, failing which, the
pagen Viking Gods will never be able to rule and conquer mankind ever again.

Only one man can stop him .... Eirick the undead.

Check it out at Vikingdom YouTube channel

You can watch it at TGV Cinemas nationwide (Malaysia) soon.
Feast your eyes with extensive visual effects of Vikingdom, the Blood Eclipse :)