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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi Malaysian, (chance to win a pair of GSC passes)

This is the TIME,
This is the Chance
To Speak Up .......

So I am not wasting my time
I will cease this Chance
to Speak Up .........

Family Togetherness

Family That "Speak Up" Together,
Stand Together,
Stay Together!

(Now, you can rap like Phua Chu Kang)

Many Malaysian family are so busy : work, work work...


Business Appointments -Day In Day Out
Business Entertainments - Evening Till the Sun Rise Up
Business Leisure - Weekends That Never Ends
Business Trips - ??? All the time, Everytime..

So... Where Got Time for FAMILY ???


School, Tuition, Activities - Almost Everyday
Homeworks, Tuition Again - Except Holiday
Computer Games, Mamak, Clubbing - During Holiday

So.... Where Got Time ??? Where Got Time?

That's Why Nowadays we Celebrate ...

Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day,
and we call Sunday = Family Day
That's NICE ..... But Not Enough ! Not Enough!

I just want to tell everyone,
sons and daughters, papa and mama
please spare some time together..
call each other and say "ni hau mah?"

No phones? No Worries.. Digi have promotion !
Just check the link below... I will Follow you!


Merryn said...

finally someone has an advert out.. tekan on ur nuff dy.. :D congrats!

Iriene said...

Merryn :
At last :D, Tks and you r so sweet!
Good Night and Sweet Dreams to you, your darling & Smart Ethan!

Anonymous said...

nice message!
all the best! =D

Lawrence said...

Nice way of presenting your thoughts.. lolz.. yeah.. family time together is precious.. come to think of it, when I go overseas for studies, sure difficult to keep in touch with my parents geh.. as what u say, busy, busy, and busy.. lol

But too bad, digi dun work overseas rite? =)

Alice Phua said...

Well...that's the reality of nowadays modern family.

2 smiles for your nuffy. Hope you'll smile back.

- c H i E n - said...

nice! very creative! Hope u win! All the best!

azizwan(dot)com said...

awesome speak up.. wish u good luck o.O