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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some pictures taken during Holy Land Study Trip

The Red Sea which was mentioned in the Bible
is actually spelled as Reed Sea. There could be
2 reasons why it is called Red Sea.

i) When looking out from the ship in the middle
of the sea, reflection from the sun on the
surface of the sea could be orangy-red

ii) On the sides of the sea are surrounded by
all shades of brownish desert mountains.
Thus when the sun shine on the mountain
and reflection of the mountain on the sea
surface during sunrise or sunset could be

Btw, the stream of waters are hot - hot spring
everywhere from the caves at Red Sea.

The Bible Story whereby Lot's wife turned and
look back which she was not supposed to.
Therefore she turned into pillar of salt!

The place where Jesus performed the Miracle
of Multiplication (2 pieces of fish & 5 loaves
of bread)

The place where baby Jesus was born. (where the star
shaped located)

This place which many thought will be the last
battle field of the end time....
When we are there we can see many horses and
green fields, nice scenery....

All the above photos are courtesy of Jemsen.


Myhorng said...

hey thanks for visit. u have a nice site here.

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said... cousin Myhorng also visited your site..and you really visited the holy land??cool!

iriene said...

Myhorng & Tr@vels r cousins - what a small world :D. I am so blessed to hv 2 VIPs visit my blog at the same post... Yes, i went Holy Land last Nov. Beautiful place & Wonderful Experience! All Glory to God!