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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner @ TROPICANA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB 2013 (part 1)

The word 'Kampung' definitely will bring back many favorite, joyful and fond memories to us!
We always love our traditional and authentic 'Kampung style' dishes as we gather together with
our friends, family and love ones. The good news is, here at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
the theme for this year holy month buffet dinner is "Rasa Kampung Buffet".

With wide array of mouthwatering 'Kampung' dishes is a bazaar setting with 29 live stalls, it's
sectioned and categorized by eateries such as Warung Gulai Kawah which serves beef and a
new additional choice of 'Kampung Ayam';  Warung Ah Hock serves renowned Penang Fried Koay Teow while Warung Breakfast serves the
heartwarming breakfast's menu with live stall choices such as American Breakfast, Omelets, Scramble Eggs, Grilled Tomatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms and etc. This special breakfast menu
is added due to the reason as Muslims Break Fast; it signifies breakfast which is the first meal
of the day.

There are five different sets of menu on main course section with more than 100 items from
local, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Western cuisines which will be presented on a rotation
basis with the Buffet line stretches from Coffee House, Main Lounge, Golfers' Terrace to
Golfers' Lounge. Truly glorious food ....

                       Bermacam ulam boleh dijamu, fresh!

                   One of my favourite .... crispy and yummy!

         Buah-buahan, berbagai jenis seperti manggis, rambutan,  langsat, nangka ... terasa macam dari dusun di kampungkan ???

How about parking ????

Ample secured free parking (up to 600 parking lots) for guests and availability of 'surau'
for prayers. Shuttle service pun ada.

Rasa Kampung Buffet is priced at :

Adults          RM70++ (Club Members)     RM80++ (Non-Members)
Children       RM35++ (Club Members)     RM40++ (Non-Members)

However, as proven by the adage saying, early birds catch the worm ...

IN THE MONTH OF JUNE 2013, you may purchase promotional Rasa Kampung Buffet
pre-sales voucher at RM60++ per adult and RM30++ per child till 30th June 2013. All prices
are subject to 6% Government Tax & 10% Service Charge.

Definitely a great saving and a great way to break fast with love ones.  
Buy 10 Vouchers and get 1 FREE BBQ Voucher.
Therefore, the more the merrier and a time for family bonding too while listening to a 5 piece
Ghazal band that performs daily with famous and catchy 'kampung' tunes :)

For more  information and reservation on 'Rasa Kampung' Buffet,  kindly contact

03-7804 8888 ext 306/309/325,    03-7804 1919,   

014-9270501 (Razak), 012-2765797 (Zainul)   or  012-620 1831 (Sazali Chin)

Will share about the individual dishes in my next post. Thank you for visiting my blog.