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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Eadry Royal Garden Hotel
188 Haiyu Avenue, Lingshan Town, Haikou
571126 Hainan, P.R. China
Tel : 86 898 65818888   Fax : 86 898 65819999
email :

(ee ter rui)

It is also known as 'The Forbidden City of Haikou'.
A Luxurious Imperial Lifestyle on the Tropical Island.
The Hotel complex reveals  the magnificent Chinese traditional landscape yet architectural savvy - the perfect integration of pavilion, terrace, house and tower presents the serene and supreme imperial style!

 The Reception Area with animated circle screens backdrop with birds and bees flying around the blossoming flowers.
 Water elements can be found at many locations to enhance the beauty of this paradise
 305 well-appointed guestrooms perfectly blend in the elegant and graceful oriental elements. Equipped with hi-tech facilities, rooms and suites are designed with fascinating charisma. There is a television fitted just above the bath tub too. The rectangular shiny mirror that you can see in the photo is actually a television indeed :)

 Nourishing SPA is also available. Dive into the swimming pool or just relax in this red wine jacuzzi. You may also dip into the herbal pool.
  Great place for photo shooting, 'outdoor - weddings' and seminars.

Carriage, horse riding, Western and Chinese restaurants, convenience store are on site.
 Sunset captured on the first day of our arrival to this beautiful hotel.

Tips to travelers :-

You may contact or email the hotel (in advance before arrival) for complimentary/free of charge pick up from the airport. They also arrange free shuttle/limousine to the airport for guests checking out. Prior arrangement needed.

The hotel also provides free shuttle to RT Supermarket at 11 am everyday (2 hours advanced reservation needed). From there, you may get taxis, bus, RT Free Bus No. 1 - 11 to other destinations of interest. Nearby the RT Supermarket,
about 15 minutes walk you can reach Hainan Museum. Entrance is free and worth going.
A great way to understand the history of Haikou and Hainan, ethnic cultures and traditions.

Also a great place to shop at RT Supermarket. KFC is located in the RT Supermarket itself and McDonald is just the next block. There are tour agency, banks etc. You may take the RT No. 6  free bus to Wu Gong temple (Wu Gong Tse) - another tourist attraction. Senior citizens 55 years old and above get half price entrance fees.

However, points to consider is that the taxi fares are a bit pricey when you need to come back to the hotel at night as most taxis will charge more as they claimed that they can't get passengers after dropping clients at the hotel. Do bargain for lower fares, they might consider