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Friday, October 2, 2009


Recently my family and I are blessed with Buffet
for 2 at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La
Kuala Lumpur courtesy of MSteel Berhad.

Step into the Lemon Garden Cafe and experience
Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese modern
cuisine prepared in sparkling open kitchens.
See your food prepared live by talented chefs who
use only the freshest ingredients and most authentic
spices to create your meal to taste.

Fresh Salmon with wasabe, eel, variety of sushi,
slices of baby octopus, mouth watering oyster
are aplenty at the Japanese Spread Section.

Variety of 'dim sum' are available at Chinese
cuisine section at the buffet.

Pot of Flower?? No, a pot of fresh and sweet
grapes. You can take a stick of this fresh grapes
and other fruits to layer it with chocolates'
fountain. Anyway, I like to eat it 'just like that'
without the chocolate layering...

Awesome food but the car park is abit costly!
RM4.00 per hour..hmmmm


Merryn said...

i dun like to cover the fruits in chocolate too.. i prefer to have then 'naked' .. lol..

Kenneth Goh said...

Hmm, the food look delicious there. I should drop by there for a meal sometime if I got the chance :)

Clicked on your ads as well :)

Mummy Moon said...

Yeah, been there before.. Like the dim sum...

vialentino said...

lemon garden....their food not bad their cod fish a lot..fresh and nice

kumfye said...

haha...i nvr strike any number haiz...nearly stirke for rm1000 1...aizk

kenwooi said...

why the food portions so small wan? lol..

iriene said...

Dear kumfye : the winning day will come one day...I have a 'rich' friend who strike '3 places' every month. Whenever she called me for 'yumca', means she strike at least '2 places', I do not buy 4Ds or Toto.

Iriene said...

Dear Kenwooi,

Hahaha, I am a small eater. That's why it is not wo worth it for me to go to buffet. But I like the variety...LOL