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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Some 'Picture Fun Time' at Dream World - Thailand.

Dream World is an amusement park located beyond Don Muang
Airport at Km 7 Rangsit-Ong Kharak Road.
Dream World is a
classical European style fantasy land, miniature of legendary
sites & modern amusements.
A great place for the whole family.

Have a chance to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone while they are away on

Wow, this 'taiko' managed to beat the 'tai chek lou' in the
arm-wrestling battle!

Now I know why he can win in the arm-wrestling earlier.
He is the current World Champion for Weight Lifting at

Dream World Championship! (
just kidding :) )

We are at the front of the Giant's House. Can you see the
huge letter box? Let us go inside the house and have a look!

Did you notice the huge / gigantic chair and sofa behind the boy?
Everything inside this house are 'GIANT' size. Broom, bucket
hammer are all HUGE!

Did you spot the 'cute' tree characters and the 'shock' looking tower
wall behind there?


He managed to pull out the ' Sword Of Excalibur!! '
Even the Castle Tower on the right is shocked ! :-O

Now you know why the Castle Tower Wall on the previous
photo was shocked just now!

This was written on the rock : THE MAGIC SWORD

'Anybody who can pull this sword from the stone will
become King'...Wow !

There are miniatures of 'Seven Wonders of the World ! '
The above is the ' shrunk ' version of The Great Wall Of China!

In this garden it also has the ' shrunk ' ~ The Leaning Tower Of Pisa,
The Eiffel Tower ,
The Stonehenge, The Taj Mahal & many more!!


little prince's mummy said...

Oh! This place is nice for kids... Dunno about this place until view ur blog...

Iriene said...

Little Prince's Mummy :

I only knew about it after watching 8TV's Go Travel program. Quite fun but time given by the tour is quite limited. We snap quite alot of photos. There is one 'Love/Hearts' Garden too inside this DreamWorld. Thanks for dropping by. Do keep in touch :)

Joanne Chan said...

Nice place to go! Hope to be there one day :) Thanks for sharing ya!

vialentino said...

i din know thailand got dream world.....

anyway smile on ur digi nn ads

iriene said...

Dear Vialentino,

Thanks for dropping by :)
I think the Thailand Dream World is totally a different entity from the one in Australia Gold Coast..

Thanks and do keep in touch!

kafechew said...

Thailand? I didn't go there before... haha
Thanks for your nang~
Are you UKM student?

Bitter Sweet said...

i pun tak tau yg Thailand ada dreamland..btw irene i mmg dah add ur link dlm list i ;D

apa kata kalau u rajin, u do all these ;

i. Tukar layout (banyak free templates dkt internet, one of my fav adalah di

ii. Edit gambar skit2 using this free software name : Photoscape
* just google & u can free download

other than that, this blog is cool..u already have ur own followers, google ads, NN ads..envy u :(

iriene said...

Dear Bitter Sweet,

Thanks for your prompt advise, truly appreciate it! Will google around and improve. Tks again and do keep in touch!

nQw said...

OMG, i've been to this place few years ago...that was the last place i went when i was in Thailand...LOL

Blackswan said...

Lovely pix! Bet u'd fun :) Thks for dropping by Luxury Indulgence!

jam said...

Nice and interesting place! Would like to go there the next time I go to Bangkok.

Hong said...

dream world..never visited this place while i was in Bangkok for 2 years..hahaha

Dean C said...

Awesome pictures.