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Thursday, September 24, 2009



When I was in Incheon International Airport,
South Korea, I was amazed to see a wooden
case with some 'reading glasses' for elderly to
wear in order to enable them to read and fill
the 'arrival card'. Isn't it thoughtful?

At the 3rd Floor of the Incheon International Airport,
Departure Gate 40, there is a zone called Traditional
Culture Experiencing Zone. It is a complex where
traditional culture is displayed and experienced.

This will be the best opportunity to understand the
unique arts of Korea by directly experiencing arts
such as folding fans of many colours, knots, and
making of square pincushions and trinket box as
above. The above crafty box is done by me with
guidance from the expert. I did it while waiting
to board the flight back to Malaysia. It is
absolutely free,
inclusive of the materials.

So, do visit this cultural place while waiting to
board your flight back home. This zone is open
from 7:00 am till 22:00pm daily.

It is Free of Charge...

This is a great way to have quality time during the
which normally passengers will sit at the
area for 1 hour reading newspaper, chat
basically sit down and do nothing - kind of boring!


little prince's mummy said...

This is so nice...

iriene said...

Yes, all of us do the art & craft together. It is really fun. We did the fan in 2006. Then the trinket box in 2007. A nice hadmade souvenir to bring home :)

SJ said...

reading glasses. not a bad idea. customer frendly indeed.

From me to you, suejean =)

AsX said...

Wow, the crafty box really looks so nice and professional! Should try my luck in Korea next time... :P

iriene said...

Dear SJ : Yes, very 'thoughtful' indeed.

Dear AsX : Yes, remember to drop by at the Cultural zone and make a craft as a souvenir..

Thanks for droppin by, take care :)

James said...

I think Incheon International Airport is the only International Airport in the world that not only is senior citizen-friendly but it is also 'boredom-friendly'as it also provides teaching of cultural arts while waiting.

kenwooi said...

i was at incheon airport i think during the last visit to korea..
nice place..! =)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I appreciate that you have shared a lot of interesting things about Korea at Mylot and here too.