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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MOVIE - Advertising Media Display (Props)

Whenever we go to the cinemas, we can see beautiful
advertising media display on 'Blockbuster Movie' ,
to look out for!

'The Ant Bully', a story about ants kingdom..

Hey, this boy looks like he has just watched the movie!

Let me interview him : 'Have you watch this movie?'

His answer was : 'I am on the way to watch it now, we
are having "Movie Marathon" today, just watched
Monster House, then The Ant Bully, will be watching
Garfield 2 then proceed to 'Mistress of Spices"

'The Simpsons Movie' -, new member of the
family on the extreme right? Since when?

'Wall E' fell in love with Eve...

Hey boy, why are you sitting there in between the
lovers? Don't be a 'lamp post' or 'kacau daun'..LOL

'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'

Eh, the same boylah! He has grown taller since
watching movies after movies...

'Over The Hedge', that's a very entertaining animation
movie. "Hey boy, is that your mummy?"

'Autumn In My Heart' - Korean Drama...
But..but..who is that? (3rd from the left)

Thanks for dropping by, Next Movie to
watch are :

2012 (12th November 2009)
Princess & the Frog (10th December 2009)
Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 (24th December 2009)


Merryn said...

those are all the movies that i've not been able to go watch.. sigh..

iriene said...

Dear Merryn,

No worries, can watch on DVD.
This November can bring Ethan to watch Pricess & the Frog. Hopefully H1N1 gone away! Cheers!

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

I think 2012 will definitely be a blockbuster movie & Alvin & The Chipmunks will be very funny! :D

iriene said...

Dear Jemsen,

I can't wait to watch 2012. Care to join me? Alvin & Chipmunks are great
characters and they sing well too. So, we must book the tickets and enjoy it on Christmas Eve..good idea?

little prince's mummy said...

Nice movie advertising display :) collections~~ haha~

kenwooi said...

lots of creative animations and their promo adverts huh.. =)

Jz said...

4 movies a day, it would be just awesome if i have time for that

iriene said...

Dear Jz, it is awesome to watch movies whole day and have a 20 minutes break in between..LOL.
We wanted to make it 5 but the daddy wanted to go for dinner and go home!
Thanks for dropping, do keep in touch :)