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Friday, October 23, 2009


This post is about a small boy that always appeared
on my blog :)

My 1st (one) year old ! Wow, so many balloons!
So colourful, some are larger than me. What are
they doing on my bed?

Am I a soft toy too? They are huge....
"Mummy, I am here! , Carry me ! :) "

I enjoyed sitting on this 'traditional sarung'!
My First maid, I called her Kak Dah!
Do you notice that she looks like wearing a big whiteveil on her head...LOL

My Beautiful and Friendly Doctor. (pediatrician)
I like her but when it is time for the scheduled 'jab'
I will cry :'( , but after she carried me and when I
look at the camera, I will smile again .. LOL!

My 1st Christmas, yay.... by the way, the beautiful girl
on the extreme right is a Japanese girl. She was here
under 'Leo Club culture exchange'.

My 1st Chinese New Year. These two beautiful ladies
are my mum's friends.

1st time take an airplane to Kuching, Sarawak.
Can you see those beautiful vases there?

My 1st church, and I am still attending the
same church....which is also my kindergarten :)

It is fun to see myself, unbelievable.......
I am so different now :) I laugh when I see them!
A REMINISCENCE .... time has passes by so fast!


kenwooi said...

brings back memories huh? althou you couldnt recall the moment.. haha.. baby mah.. =P

Merryn said...

aah.. nice trip down memory lane.. :)

Bitter Sweet said...

soo cute :D smiling in almost pictures

iriene said...

KenWooi : Yea, time passes by so fast.

Merryn : It definitely put a smile on my face :)

Bitter Sweet : He likes to smile when he was a baby. But now he very shy to smile...LOL

Thanks for dropping by and truly appreciate all your support here. Thanks :) Have a great weekend to all!

Family of Four said...

Wonderful recollections. Great memories forever etched in time. Life is such. We pass each phase of life but only once. So enjoy life at each of the phases as we grow up. Treasure it,relish it, and rejoice!

vialentino said...

gosh...nice to read ur story...he is so cute...i love ur kid hair lah...cant wait for dylan to grow his hair back.

smile digi music and g ads below...

Mummy Gwen said...

You were a cute and adorable baby. :) I love your smile. I truly enjoyed looking at all the pics.

iriene said...

Dear Vialentino : Dylan will grow his hair fast...seeing baby are really satisfying, their first especially when Dylan will start to call you 'papa' or 'daddy' when he start to talk!

Mummy Gwen : Princess Gwen is very beautiful too :)

Kim said...

So cute XD

Thanks for your comment =)
Yup, I watch Beethoven Virus XD
My parents didn't allow at first but they kinda liked it. Gonna get the DVD if possible ^^
I love Mr Ludwig van Beethoven's songs =)

God bless you too.
I'll drop by more often after SPM =)

JamesKYTan said...

Your son is so adorably. I like his
smile. Whom does he look like, daddy
or mummy?

Independent Queen said...

I agree with all above comments.. U looks adorable when u were a baby.. I guess u still now :)

iriene said...

Dear James : at time he looks like his dad, at times he looks like mum.
I think the top of the face looks like mum, mouth and chin looks like dad...LOL

Dear Kim & Independant Queen: thanks for the nice comments. He is very shy to smile now, just entering teenager!

Gypsy On The Move said...

Hey iriene, look adorable and this entry really brings me back thinking about my own childhood...

ween said...

I'm just came back from Sarawak!

Oh, so u have been there since u were little :D

iriene said...

Dear Gypsy On The Move & Ween,

Thanks for the wonderful comments.
That little baby is my son :)
Perhaps the way I put it a bit misleading...LOL

Mummy Moon said...

Glad to see your baby pics here !!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Jenseme looked so cute and handsome when he was a bb. And of course now too.

Iriene said...

Dear Sarah's Daddy & Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day 2012 to you!
Yes, Jemsen was cute ...all babies are so cute and adorable, kitten, puppies, ducklings them all! Now he is a teenager with his own thoughts and gadgets:)