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Friday, September 11, 2009



Due to Ramadhan month, my son finishes school at
5:35pm instead of the normal hour at 6:45pm.
Last Thursday after fetching him back from school
I decided to bring him straight to Restaurant King
Crab for his favourite 'crispy butter fish fillet'.

These is what we ordered for two of us :-

First Dish

Crispy Butter Fish Fillet
For 'S' is RM15.00

Our Second Dish is ..............

Deep Fried Cod Fish in Light Soya Sauce
RM39.00 (Cod fish is expensive in Malaysia)

Our 3rd Dish is...can you guess ???


Deep Fried Talapia Fish (RM1.00 only)
(I wonder which is the correct word,
'tilapia or talapia? )

RM1.00 only, YES...this is not a typo error.
Restoran King Crab is having this promotion
of RM1.00 for deep fried tilapia fish, or deep
fried sotong or fried crispy 'wohpeng' a type of
dessert (pancake). The terms and conditions is
... it is only applicable for weekdays for a minimum
order of
dishes above RM30.00 per table.

This huge promotion of RM1.00 was put up on a
billboard on top of the restaurant and can be
seen from LDP near the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Cheers and thanks for droppping by :


IMCurtain said...

Look really tasty! Dropping by...

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Cath J said...

Wowww.... the food really tempting... I love all.. ^_^

ramnred said...

Hmmm, the food looks really great! And only you and your son ate them? What an appetite! hehehe -doryvien

iriene said...

Dear doryvien,

Hahaha, we finished all except the RM1 tilapia fish, We packed back for my mum and sister's dinner! Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

simaaron said...

Ahh, butter fish fillet. one of my favs. Thanks for the RM 1.00 info. =)

p/s Yaki Yaki Jap restaurant has got some 18.90 promotion right now. No idea till when will that offer lasts. Cheers!

Iriene said...

Dear simaaron,

Thanks for Yaki_yaki Jap Restaurant info too. Btw where is this Yaki-Yaki Rest? Cheers :)

Stephen said...

I like fish. :D