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Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Yesterday, I went to the local supermarket
here and I was amaze at their merchandising
efforts. Have a look..

Where has the hen gone too? Anyone happen to see

Eh eh, paper chicken can lay plenty of eggs..we must
post this news in our blog-lah! This is unbelievable !

Oops, nearly bump into it, why is it placed
at the middle of the walk way. So that
you won't miss such a delicious
'Malaysian breakfast'

- Fast to Cook, Nice to eat!
Maggi Mee.

Did you notice one of the Maggi cup

went missing? Can anyone spot it ?
Did you find it?

Since when there is information
board here? It explains about
green coffee and roasted coffee.
That's great for our school assignment!

Green coffee beans are derived from
dried coffee cherries.

Coffee beans are roasted for fresh
aroma and taste.

Campbells soup have a little tv to advertise
it commercials again and again. It explains the
goodness and an wholesome meals for children.

Nowadays even product merchandising has evolve


Merryn said...

to attract buyers and bloggers as well! hahahaha.. they know doing this, bloggers will surely go blog bout it! good marketing strategy..

Kev said...

Hi Iriene, thanks for commenting on my blog. I've responded.

Anyway, is that supermarket named "GIANT"? certainly looks like it. Nowadays competition is hot, so every shopping centre tries to outdo others.

Simaaron said...

(Link from cwken.blogspot)

Love the post on the supermarket creativity !