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Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Restaurant Mr. Teppanyaki encouraging their
customers to ask for itemised receipt. If not
given any itemised receipt, may call the above
number for free meal voucher worth RM100.

There is one true case of another restaurant who
fully employed foreign workers to handle the
outlet in Puchong. The boss get a friend to
'undercover' as a customer to dine there.
He was not given the official itemised receipt.
He told the boss what he ordered on that particular
day. After checking the daily cash received, his
friend order and payment was not recorded, the boss
discovered that the cashier has cheated the money..

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kenwooi said...

cheating money..
thats bad! hmm..

TT said...

COOL.. will try it out

little prince's mummy said...

hmm.. Some restaurant didn't even bother to give you the receipt... not to say itemized

SJ said...

that's a gd offer.

From me to you, suejean =)

alex said...

Great news !

Mr Teppanyaki will be linked up with Station Kopitiam in the new "50% Discount for Member" program.

It is just laucnhed in September 2009 with Station Kopitiam as pioneer outlets, at the mean time, Station Kopitiam Time Square, PGRM, Carrefour Sri Petaling, Carrefour Kepong, Digital Mall Klang and soon Mr Teppanayki, Leo Cafe, Garden Cafe, Western Delight and more wiill be linked up too.

You can apply as a member and enjoy 50% discount, paying 50% cash and 50% Food Point, beside that you can enjoy other benefits, pls see more info at

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

hey hey..thanx for your visit..and about the receipt thing...yea..i saw that on south africa as well..
and oh ya the most beautiful place during Autumm? i'm not so sure about that..I have only experience Autumm in Japan and South Africa..hehe

Triple C said...

Wao the is unbelievable. Diskaun up to RM 10000.