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Friday, May 29, 2009

Time Passes By Fast

Wow, we are now June 2009 , where Transformers 2' seeking the cinemas...

Let me recollect : month of May 2009

attended a few AGMs

1) DIGI (Mandarin Oriental -7/5/09) where they gave RM50 Digi prepaid card.
2) PPB (Wisma Jerneh ) - goodie bag + 2 GSC movie tickets
3) Pos Malaysia Bhd - gift : First Day Cover w stamps
Buffet Lunch At Diatas Brasserie (The Legend Hotel)
4) MMC (Royale Chulan) - fantastic spread of food b4 meeting (pandan chicken - 2 thumbs up)
- elegance setting for dinner (as per photo) after meeting
But food (nice to see, ok to eat... )
- 1 resolution was not pass where shareholder cast votes
by show of hands : they objected the increase of directors' fees!

Won Pandora's Box by Mix FM
(Big Thanks to Mix FM & Holiday Inn Melaka)

1) I & my son managed to break the 7 digits code with the given clues :-

Need a handphone, a pen & a piece of paper

Clues : Saya (in English), heart, blank (fill in urself), time, creature, contender, unknown!

You may try to break the code... Pls do not see the answer yet..

The answer : 4589682
The full sentence :
" I Love To Watch Monsters Vs Aliens "

This code has won us 2 vouchers to Holiday Inn Melaka with breaksfast & Spa. Praise the Lord!

Watch Movie

Yesterday we watched Monster Vs Aliens in 3D at Cathay Cineleisure.
It cost us RM51.00 . The show was so FUNNY, the President played the keyboard stylishly and the tune is great! Would prefer if the ending be more exciting...
But another funny part was myself, before the show start, the commentator asked us to wear the 3D glass / spec to check whether faulty or not. So I found the vision blurred.
So I tried my son 3D spec, also blurred.. How Come ??? And my son said - super clear!
Minutes later I realised (during 3D trailer), I forgot to put on my powered spec before the 3D spec. Aiyah, I am so BLURRED... =D


Vin aka hiyashi said...

Hello! Wow, just read through your posts and I must say, you're one lucky fellow. *grins* Keep on standing out in life!

Iriene said...

Vin : Tks for reading my blogs. Your posts are interesting too! I had clicked Dove ads on ur blog.. :)

Isaac Cheah said...

hey there! thanks for dropping by! A jaya Supermarket fan too, i see! =)

tulipspeaks said...

so fast half of the year is gone la.. *sigh

i need a recap of the last 6 months as well.


- yungchien - said...

Haha~ thanks for commenting on my blog ^^ yeap! Break out was nice... hope you don't miss the next one ^^



- yungchien - said...

opps...forgotten to leave my blog link :

Merryn said...

i read until pening! LOL.. lucky u! said...

wow congrats you won the contest! now you can go to melacca and enjoy.. haha..

monster vs alien was okay for me.. funny at certain parts.. and yeah, it would better if it had a more exciting ending.. haha. =D

Merryn said...

iriene, i wud love to 'click' for u too.. but ur NN ads nothing there ... :(

Iriene said...

KenWooi : Tks. B Going to Malacca this Sunday :D May b will update blog on Malacca later.

Merryn : Tks for ur initiative. I believe one day u will click some for me.. Thanking in advance :) Take care!

xox `Lyng` xox said...

hye iriene! Wow congrats on the win!

Bet you and your son were both overjoyed!

Clicked on your nuffie ad btw. (;

Have a great day ahead!

xox `Lyng` xox said...

Your digi ad. (;

time-is-good said...

Like ur post, all the best!
Clicked on ur Milo Ads...

Cracz aka Tallen aka Dai Lan aka Thong Khui Loong said...

hahaha,the clue makes me nothing but panic~!! hahaha~!! maybe i'm so dumb on guessing game,hahaha~!!

anyway,nice blog~!!
and btw the video of EDISON's interview are up to my blog. =)

clicked ur ad too =)

good day =)