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Thursday, May 21, 2009


(read to the tune of "Love Story" - Andy Williams)

Where Do I Begin, A Standout Story ..
That I must think and think...

From now on : the dark blue coloured print,
must read like PCK style, our very famous
Mr. Phua Chu Kang

Are you ready?

Lights, Camera, Action!

Director : Do some ice-breaking first..

You (PCK Style)
: What? Ais Kacang?
I want, I want!

Amah : I put more attap chi
for you
(PCK's mum also there, to give moral support.)

(Amah really serve delicious ais kacanglah, and she said will
serve Tiger Beer after the interview.)

10 minutes ais kacang break/ tauhueh break!

Lights, Camera, Action!

You : Can you tell me what crazy things have you done
that are different from others?

Me : We had watched 4 movies on 1 go at GSC 1 Utama.
Wanted to watch more, but daddy gave up. On
the same day we went for 'Makan-thon', tasted the food
from 5 different restaurants non-stop! We had done
'travelling-thon' of 10 overseas trips within 15 months.
Extremely exciting, full of adventures! The best part
was most of the trips were won :-) All Glory to God!

You : Wah, you really standout in life uhh?
And also standing outside, somewhere with oversize
clog like this picture? :P
(camera man : zoom in the photo)

: Hey, where you get my picture, huh?
(I tried to pull the photo from your hand)

: Wei, don't play-play .... judges time is precious!

Very Solie ah! OK, let's talk bisness...

You : Could you tell me about "Standout in Life"?

Me : I don't know much about "Standout in Life" BUT
I have something to share about being 'the one
standout from the rest'. Some 3Rs factors!

You : Oh... Recycle, Reduce & Reuse?

Me : Erh...You must be at the Right place, Right time,
Right attitude plus some luck / blessings !

Me : We won 1st prize for X'mas tree decoration.
We are standing outside ....

You :
Ya, I can see you all 'standout'!

Me : Here, I won Grand Prize for giving a unique
& practical suggestion. It also appeared on NST.

You : Eh, Eh same outfit? Your Lucky outfit ???

Me : The above photos was taken in Dec 2006 (Hong Kong).
We represent Malaysia to compete among other ASEAN
countries for some treasure hunt event. With the right
3Rs factors ...

You : rlight time, rlight place, rlight attitude
- very easy to remember !

Me : yes, you will standout in life. Malaysia was the only country
that won 2 awards in that event. This HK Family Fun event
was aired for 2 episodes during CNY 2007 on 8TV.
You must be : unique !

: Oh. Unique!
I know, I know, 'unique click' on Nuffnang ads only get $ mah ..

Me :
To be a Standout , we must have Bold character and
own identity
just like "Tiger Beer" :-)

You : You are right! 3Rs factors! Bold like Tiger Beer!
You don't believe ah? Use your blain, use your blain!
Tiger Beer also care for our environment... that's why
they came out with the limited edition Tiger Beer : Rise.

You : I also want to join this party! I also standout what!
My lucky yellow boot very standout mah
My yellow boot is very LUCKY one,
don't play-play!

Me : Hey fren, can borrow your Lucky Yellow Boot
to the Standout Party ah?

You : See first, if you get the invite, then we talk!
Hey, don't forget to visit me in Singapore after

all the fun at 'Standout Party with Tiger
& Nuffnang'. "Half Price Singapore Surprise"
is on mah? You didn't see the advertisement ah?
If you can bring me to the party better still!
(laugh like PCK, please, Tks!)

Last but not least : Give a pat on your shoulder for being
such a good impersonator of Phua Chu Kang. I will nominate
you for our upcoming 'Best Actor Award'!

(Caution : the above broken English is solely for this

interview only, not for your examination purpose! Unless you
want to fail-lah!)


galfman2 said...

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those are really huge

Chris Thoo

★ whoaamello ★ said...

LOL this post was cute. Good luck! Hopefully you score the invites to the party (:

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for visiting too ^^
u got a cute blog here ;)

blur de 我 said...

wow~ quite unique ya, with tat PCK style, but just abit confuse to me, only for me. Btw, gambate to u~
take care n keep in touch ya~

yapthomas said...

Two awards... NICE :D

Myhorng said...

best of luck ya. see ya.

Anonymous said...

haha nice..
all the best! =D

Ping Ping said...

yours is a lot more standoutter since it's more like win things and not embarassed yourself one. =P Hopefully I'll meet you there at the event. =))

Naoko said...

Thanks for visiting! Hope you can help spread the word too!

Bean said...

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xox `Lyng` xox said...

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Iriene said...

Bean 'Lyng': Tks for the click...
Hope u hv wonderful day everyday!

ButTeRcUp said...

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thanks for dropping by!

Iriene said...

ButTeRcUp : I agree with u on the! Tks.