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Saturday, May 9, 2009



you are the best mum today,
yesterday and forever.....
No amount of money can compensate,
your sacrifice for us,
No amount of words can represent
your love for us,

May God Bless you today,
and forevermore....

We Love you Mum!


Tekkaus said...

Wow! This is one very old photo! :D

Willie said...

Wah..such as nice and classical photo.

mschorlor said...

its so hard to get such antique photos anymore

Iriene said...

dear Tekkaus :

Yes, this is a very old photo. I think one of my brother keeping the hard copy. I only have the digital one which I found on their facebook.

Iriene said...

Dear Willie,

Yes, this is one of my favourite old time photo. That's me scratching my right palm. Hopefully Money Money Come :D

Iriene said...

Dear mschorlor :

Yes, I will treasure this photo as I can look back through time to see my mum, my brothers and sister here. Time has passed by so fast!