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Monday, May 11, 2009


I was looking outside the bus window during my journey
to Mount Sinai in Egypt. On my right were hills and mountains
of all shades of brown accompanying our trip.
If you wore dark sunglasses, you can enjoy the beautiful
mountains with splendid colours - out from a painting!
I love beautiful landscape... suddenly something caught my eyes.
As most mountains are dry, this one was absolutely different.
It looks like the sand on it was sliding down with big rock
sailing down beautifully (as if it was skiing gracefully....)
If I was driving, I would definitely stop & snap a photo of it.
I am still wondering what it is!


Tekkaus said...

Wow! Amazing i have never know about this phenomenon! Thanks for sharing! :D And I have nang-ed you.

Willie said...

Wah! You're in Egypt ?Cool... and nice photo too.

Jojo Struys said...

absolutely wonderful and amazing :) keep it up
jojo struys

Lisa said...

This post needs to be removed as it is a copyright infringement! it is against the law that these images have been used in a MASS email / blog spots without any consent from the photographers. I for one, am the holder of the Circumhorizontal Arc (the one with the airplane) ALSO this is Not aFire Rainbow, that is insulting to the atmospheric community! This photo is copyrighted BY ME and I am trying to get to the source of this email and who constructed the montage of CHA's without any written consent from the owners. Sure I want to share this with the world, as I have. It was published in National Geographic April 2008, but where is the credit(s) to all of us who photographed these images????
Any help in tracking down where this originated from would be greatly appreciated. The one who "copied" my photo did so without my permission and that is just wrong!

Lisa Gonnelli

Iriene said...

Dear Lisa,

Yes, you are right... the picture was taken from incoming mail. Thanks for the information, I had removed the picture. Will replace with other picture soon.