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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Taken some photos at Eastern Europe. Statues, Statues, Statues ...

Hi, just have a look at what private "detective 88" caught on her
spy glass (telescope)..?????

She even has a special "thought detector" that can detect what
the statues was

You may double clicked to see a bigger and clearer picture, enjoy....

General Napoleon Bonaparte knew every gossip in town.
He heard the two ladies conversation... :)
"Hey, who said I am eavesdropping? !"

"Step harder please, this is the best massage I could
ever get
since I am back from war. Do I missed
anything... it has been ages!"

"Don't be shy... Go in there, you will
definitely find something you like.
Don't worry, any currency we accept,
we need to boost our economy!"

"I have been standing here for centuries,
still awaiting for a call to act in 'Night at the Museum',
perhaps the 3rd Installment...hmmm.
Wish me Luck !"


JAIRO said...

visiting here hehehe nice photo....

little prince's mummy said...

So many statues there!~

Family of Four said...

Good comments. Funny

james_kytan said...

Yes, I agree with family of four- good comments.

Bean said...

hey... ur blog is funny... keep going o.... ^^