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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Look-alike : a person or thing closely resembling another.

Have you been told that you look-alike someone eg. a superstar,
actress, artist, etc.? Or someone called you by wrong name....
mistaken you as someone else?
The answer is at the end of this post :D

Picture taken on 11th January 1998 (long time ago).
I snapped it somewhere near Orchard Road, Singapore.
They trimmed the tree branches (away from road/traffic)
and to my surprised it resemblance __________!
It wasn't tree sculpturing.. just random trimming!
What does it look-alike?
My son said it look like reindeer, how about you?

The same tree, but now with the bushes/scrub.
What does it look-alike now?
Compare it with the picture below (I can only find this picture
in my old album, :) . Does it look like ostrich ? Except without
the beak...

There is this belief that... in this world, there will be seven (7)
different person look-alike in different part of the world. Oops
minus the one did plastic surgery, ....


Fird said...

Uh, to my dirty mind, it looks like something the female human would have.

Mr Gin said...

I really can't compare with anything but knowing its a tree and some bushes at the bottom. I guess my imagination is nil!sigh..okok its a broken tap..

IndependentQueen said...

Ya.. I was thinking ermm looks like a boob. hehe.

Jairo said...

most of my fren said i look like my father..... hehehehe

Big Mouth said...

lolx...nt bad. . . =)

Merryn said...

I look like my niece, or shall i say my niece looks like me? now ppl say ethan looks like me.. n ppl oso say ethan looks like his dad. but there are ppl who says there is somebody totally not connected to me that looked like me!

Johnny Ong said...

6 of them looks like me? hopefully they don't tarnish my image internationally

Mummy Gwen said...

Some ppl said I look like some HK actress..LOL. I think the tree look abit like reindeer lah. Your boy is very imaginative. :)

little prince's mummy said...

really alike!

Kelvin said...

7 people, i thought only 3 look alike? of course, not counting the one tat did plastic surgery haha