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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanks to Nuffnang for the awesome 'Puss In Boots'
movie. It is really entertaining to watch the 'charming'
and 'mesmerising eyes' of Puss in Boots. His sexy voice
by Antonio Banderas never fails to charm the cats even
the audiences too

A number of children fairy tale's characters like
Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, Jack & the BeanStalk,
Little Boy Blue will come face to face with Puss ...
and there is a twist of the story too.

Overall rating : 7.5/10

It will be a great fun watch with family and friends during
your weekend :)

Cheers and till the next post we meet ...


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Hey, ur rating is same as mine's. :)
Good movie.

JamesKYTan said...

....and the charming lady beside Puss in Boots looks gorgeous.

Iriene said...

Jemsen : we think alike

James : Tq :)