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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Still remember the movie "Happy Feet" - the tap dancing penguin?
The sequel is coming to town soon ... very soon!

This Happy Feet 2 introduced many new fun-filled characters.
This cute blue-eyed emperor penguin (below) is Mumble's
son - Erik! Cute right ?

Very cute ..... and he sings like a soprano ......... you must
watch and enjoy his singing! Voiced by Ava Acres.

It is an interesting and entertaining animated movie that
surely steal the hearts of the audience. There is one part
where my tears shed for a 'touching' moment.

It has 'innocence', 'soul searching', 'self-confidence' and many
more values that we can pick up to motivate us in our daily
lives too :)

Happy Feet 2 is packed with songs and dance that
at times you will chuckle and able to relate ...

The animation is great, the snowflakes and snowy ice
are crystal clear - advisable to watch it in 3D to fully
enjoy to the max ....

By the way, there is a short animated film just before
Happy Feet 2 started. So, do come early not to miss
our yellow adorable Tweety Bird in action :) by
Looney Tunes!


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

HAPPY FEET 2 was a very touching & musical film.

Highly agree with you that this movie should be watched in 3D. The graphics and details of the characters & landscape was amazing. (:

ChrisAu said...

Ok, will bring my kid to watch!

Iriene said...

Jemsen : Yes, even the glowing krill are fantastic :)

ChrisAu : Hope you, your son & family will enjoy this movie :)

James Tan said... that case I also want to watch :)

FiSh said...

the penguins are awesome, i wanna watch it too!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Iriene, hey, long time no see. How you doin'?
Really nice you remembered me. Thank you.

Regret I have never seen nor heard of this 'Happy feet 2'. Anyway, never look at cartoons or gone to a movie ages.
But really cute pics.....
You have fun, and keep well.

Iriene said...

Dear Lee,

Glad to hear from you too :)
Live life to the fullest!

hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

Hie Iriene! Thanx for the visit.. it has been a while eh!..dropping by here to say thanx for your continuous suppport on my blog always :D

Iriene said...

Dear hsvvorld,

Tks for your support too...
hope to keep in touch :)