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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Experience everything that is exotically Sarawak at
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by Hilton KL. Two Bidayuh
guest chefs; Antija Dawen and Binyas Suem unveil 30 of
their traditional authentic gastronomical dishes to treat
our taste buds.

The warmth and friendly waitress will immediately
serve each of us with a glass of Sarawak 3-layered tea
(also known as teh lepak).

Chicken skewer is absolutely tender and delicious.
My son really enjoyed it very much.

Pansuh manuk is marinated chicken cooked in
the bamboo - a traditional recipe.

Fish cooked with sour eggplants.

This is my favourite - Ikan terubuk bakar!
Grilled marinated fish with tamarind spicy dip.
I never get enough of it ... the best!

Have a picture with Sarawak traditional dancer.

A generous spread of fresh oysters and other sea food.

Cultural performance every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
during this promotion (8th - 27th November 2011)

I would like to thank Makan Kitchen & Double Tree by
Hilton Kuala Lumpur for this wonderful Sarawak
Gastronomy experience.

For reservations, call : 03-2172 7272 or 03-2172 7680


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Looks very delicious' !! =)

Iriene said...

Jemsen : Yes...must go again :)

lvynana said...

wow...lots of makan-makan, teh c peng fav.

Iriene said...

Ivynana : yes... the 3-layered tea
is refreshing and nice :)