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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is great to stay 'connected' at all times.
It is even crucial to stay 'connected' especially
I need to check the stock market ie. being able
to buy and sell at
the right price and at the right time. is "Wall Street - Money Never Sleep".

HTC Aria and Digi, I stay connected wherever I am.
I can check the price of my shares at my finger tips :)

Then I won't miss the 'money making opportunity'!

Stay connected can be expensive...but having the
'Smartplan by Digi', we can optimize it!

Have a look at DG Smart Plan and its many options for you
to get hold of HTC Aria.

Checking e-mails, log in to 'myLot' (my money making site),
updating facebook and blogging is truly important as these
are my daily online activities that I must DO! With HTC Aria
and DIGI SmartPlan...I can DO IT :D

I would say, with HTC Aria - I will travel and still be connected.
(of course with DG SmartPlan to enable the connection)

Stay in Touch and be Connected .............


Sir Marcello said...

HTC Aria? malaysian tend to get Iphone4 rite now...hehee

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Iriene, very nice. But we the very few that do not have h'phones. No need to....we hardly phone chat.
Prefer emails.
Best regards, Lee.