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Monday, June 7, 2010


This awesome party by Digi and Nuffnang was
held on 29/5/2010 at Ecoba, Bandar Damansara
Perdana. It was a costume party with the theme
"Prisoners & Villains".

It was very 'happening'

We can spot many prisoners and villains in this place.

As you can see there were prisoners in Blackberry
Smartphone. They want to BREAK FREE ....

"No worry my friends, soon we will discover
the key
FREEDOM" We will work out a smart plan

Another 'damsel in distress', hopefully we can find
Perfect Plan to rescue her in time too!

WAIT.... looks like she is holding some 'hint' on how
rescue her from the cell, the keyword to FREEDOM!
I need to find out what it means by 0068.

There were posters stated those who are on the
'WANTED' list and the rewards .... 68.... again!

Ermm, let me decode this number 68, and see
what is hidden in it!

_______To be continued ...
at the end of this post ____________

About 8pm, event started.

We were shocked as we learned that the MC was

All the teams being sent out to rescue the MC of
the event, Julie Woon (of Blogger Boy & Quickie host)
who was kidnapped by the 'terrorist'. Phew.., someone
rescued Julie Woon in time, & the event soon begin!

We have games whereby each teams have the task to
do a 'sketch' based on 3 keywords that was tweeted to
the blackberry phone lend to each team leader.
3 keywords : "Freedom, RM68, DG Smart Plan"

Team Chicanos won the game with their smooth...
phrase :-)

Freedom today
RM68 we pay
DG Smart Plan is the way!

They won awesome "SWAT mini torch", made in US.

Next :-)

'DIGI : Next Level' reality show finalist, team
"Momentum" and "Velocity" showed their
creativity and ideas on the theme
"Breakfree with DG Smart Plan"

As the show begins, it is full of suspense as the Police
looking high and low for the alleged wrongdoer, but
later they realised they caught the wrong guy...LOL
as presented by team 'Momentum'. (picture above)

Team "Velocity' managed to cheered the crowd
as beatboxer, U-Shane amazed the crowd with
his ability to make music ... with interactive
game (rap) with Nuffnang bloggers.

The judge to comment was none other than the
beautiful and charming Deborah Henry.

Nuffnangers have the chance to cast their
for the chosen team of their choice.

The most awaited event of the evening was
to choose the best costume winner. And the
winner goes to :


Cruella de Vil

She really acted like one (so original),
as the crowd cheered to select the
winner. She won herself : HTC Legend.

That's not the end, winner of the pre-event
blog went to

all the way from Penang ...........
She won a Blackberry Bold 9700 (Congrats!)


Continuation ....we stumbled upon a priceless and timely
discovery of a smart plan at the party. Without wasting
any more time, we rescue
d the above mentioned prisoners.
The answer to the special code 0068 / RM68

The strategic and perfect plan is called
DG Smart Plan which only cost RM68
to rescue all the prisoners and the 'damsel
in distress'. She was set Free ....

As you can see her smiling alongside Cruella,
Timothy and Grimm Reaper (after getting her
freedom with DG Smart Plan RM68)

Smiling happily - with tv celebrity Hansen Lee.

(See what FREEDOM can offer, much much more)

Not only that, she is back home with so
many goodies from DIGI & Nuffnang.
Thank Q so MUCH for all the fun & freedom!

Go for your Freedom, BREAK FREE with
DG Smart Plan today!


Merryn said...

Looks like so much FUN :D

Anonymous said...

Wow..Cruella! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.