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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones”

Smartphones = Dumbphones

Why do we end up with the above equation ?
Can we do something about it?

Of course, we can change the above equation by
just add one
very important element....

The reason our smartphones are equal to dumbphones is
because we do not fully utilise its intelligence! WE have 3G
but we do not surf the internet because we worry and worry!

Worry for no reason - that's why it is called 'dumb'...

We just need to open our eyes, go to the nearest DIGI kiosk and
just sign up a very smart plan.... then our smartphones will be
smarter phone..loh!

Smartphones + DG Smart Plan = Smarter Phones

To find out how to be smart and make our smartphones
smarter, just click at the link below....we will break free
from the 'dumbness prison' and be smart and free....

We will all become smarter bloggers at the :
DIGI Angels Party


smallkucing said...

hahaha...too high tech for me...this dinosaur hard to learn new things :p

ramnred said...

:D Funny but true.

JAI said...

Hi..did you go for the party?? Nice event..