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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The weather is getting hotter day by day!

We were driving & saw 2 guys / technicians were repairing
air condition
unit on top of the roof . At first, one guy was
holding an umbrella to give shades to the other guy who is
doing the job. So, in this harsh weather, we need extra assistant
just to hold the umbrella. When I took out my camera to snap, one
of the guy went down, I think he went to refresh himself for some
cold drinks! Later he went up again.

(photos : courtesy of jemsen)

Later the same afternoon, I saw two elderly senior citizen (both are men),
riding on a motorcycle. The person behind is holding the umbrella for shade
without helmet.
Did not manage to snap the photo as we were driving past by them.

We heard in the news, countries like China and Korea are experiencing
extremely cold weather, we here are having the heat wave. How nice if these
countries can do some barter trade on the temperature on certain percentage,
then we will have perfect weather :)...hmmm... Life's Like That!

Cheers, Chill and Cheese..........



the whole world is experiencing extreme weather conditions!

mother earth is angry!

Jong said...

You should send this to 'The Star' newspaper..... said...

Dear Ihsan : Tks for dropping by.
I visited ur blog on's really amzing, I like the 1st one very much. Great job!

Dear Jong : Tks for your suggestion. Might send in and try :)

smallkucing said...

If fall down they will be like "Mary poppins"...float down with the umbrella :p

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Iriene, ha ha, you are hot there and we are cold here.
We have very extreme frigid weather in winter, and you have to experience a -28's day or night to know what cold is like, ha ha.
The windows behind me all iced up. Hands not covered with gloves get frostbite in a matter of minutes.
Icicles hand down below my car door like laced curtains....
It gets dark by 3.45pm.

But where you have air conditioners, we have warm air heaters, and at home my wife wears shorts and t-shirt, me too....its only when going out, we bundle up.
But getting into my car on a cold winter morning is worst than the freezer in your fridge, that is only -1'c or 0'c. Inside my car will be -25'c! Can't even hold the steering with bare hands.

But, we love the Canadian winter with its clear, blue, cloudless skies, frigid cold and all.
And the thrill of Spring now around the corner.

You have a nice day, stay cool, Lee.

Mummy Moon said...

Wah, man also use umbrella, that means our place here are hot hot hot!

ramnred said...

Hi Iriene,

It is sooo hot here from where I come, and it's just the beginning of summer. Our summer is From March to May, but the first week of March is already unbearable. This very moment everyone wishes for the rain to fall.

Best regards.

JamesKYTan said...

Hi Iriene, at 35°C in Malaysia is hot and humid. I have experienced in Las Vegas where the temperature was 42°C. But it was dry. We didn't perspire at 42°C because the humidity was very low, the moment we the sweat drops appear they evapourated. All the best to you.