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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Perhaps the famous and most beautiful castle in the world!
This is the castle that inspire the Sleeping Beauty Castle in

To go up the hill to this beautiful castle, the road is winding
and narrow. We have to transfer from our tourist bus into
Mini bus to go up. If the weather do not permit the Mini
bus to go up, then we have to go up by horse carriage just
like the picture below. All of us hope to sit the horse carriage.
However, on that day, the weather is great.....LOL

Manage to snap a photo outside the castle. We are not
allowed to snap any photos inside Neuschwanstein Castle.

This photo was taken at the foothill of
Neuschwanstein. We bought a set of Monopoly
that depict Castles in Germany....but it is in
foreign language...LOL

Hope you enjoy reading this post, cheers :)


Mummy Gwen said...

The castle is very beautiful indeed. Aiya..too bad they don't allow visitors to take photos inside.

I like the last photo of you and your cute.

You look so young and pretty. How old is your son now?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Iriene, beautiful pics. I missed this place when last in Germany.
Well, I learned something....about 'Sleeping beauty's' castle, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Family of Four said...

Good post. At least I know where Walt Disney or his set directors got his/their castle impressions from.

iriene said...

Dear Mummy Gwen, Mr. Lee and Jonjee,

Thanks for your comments..truly appreciate it :)
Btw, my son is 13 this year :)
Cheers and do keep in touch.
Have a great weekend!

jameskytan said...

Excellent post.

成亿 said...

so nice of you, getting to travel to such beautiful country...i would love to set foot on that place...have a great weekend...

Ahmad Helmi Shaharuddin said...

i enjoyed reading this post. hope to go there in the future :)

sabahking said...

hope that i have the money to go there to have holiday in my life !!

Neuschwanstein Castle said...

Thanks for sharing this post. Neuschwanstein Castle in germany it is Standing firmly from 1869. It is a medieval style of architects. In the month of October adds more charm to this dipped-in-marvel beauty.

Neuschwanstein castle Bavaria Germany said...

Wow what a breathtaking picture of the castle.I have always been fascinated towards castles. I have seen them only in movies. I am willing to see them in person.

Iriene said...

James : Tks :)

asian_boy88 : you will go to many wonderful places too, as wishes do come TRUE :)

Iriene said...

Dear Ahmad Helmi : Thanks for dropping by, you definitely will visit this beautiful castle. Dreams and wishes do come TRUE ...
As our hearts and thoughts will brings us there physically :)

Iriene said...

Dear sabahking : Yes, must save 10 percent of our income to do what we love, to travel the beautiful places with our love ones and live life to the fullest :)

Iriene said...

Neuschwanstein Castle : Thanks for the info, I visit the website...the scenery is spectacular...Thanks!