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Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Statue of Sherlock Holmes right in front
of his office in London.

I'm Sherlock Holmes!!!!!!
in the making???

WHY??? Because ...................................

I am at the right time and right place - London.
This is the opportunity to be Sherlock Holmes' one and
only 'apprentice'...LOL

Sherlock Holmes is a great detective and he's my hero!

You can see Tower Bridge in action in this latest
movie 'Sherlock Holmes'!

My first mission will be to find out the real identity of
this headless, faceless, suspicious guy above!

However, I am clueless..
I need Sherlock Holmes 'sifu' to help me out!


小澤 (DSvT) said...

Wow... U took tat photo at london?

iriene said...

Dear DSvT,

Yes, we went to London last year September :) Thanks for your visit, truly appreciate it :)

kenwooi said...

cant wait to watch that movie =)

iriene said...

Dear Kenwooi,
Me too, hope we get those colorful memorable premier tickets for this movie, cheers :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Iriene, beautiful shots. Love that London bridge.
Looks like Hyde Park pic below?
I have always loved London, not to mention the 'fish & chips' from a newspaper, read the 'News of the World' while eating.
Have fun, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

Great pics of London.. i was there in the 80s.. so imagine how old i m now..hahahaa... great country, all statues everywhere in the city.. hope to go there again one day..

iriene said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Tks for the comments :)
Btw, u mentioned the 'fish & chips' from a newspaper, read the 'News of the World' while eating. Is it a restaurant, it sounds very interesting. I must google about it. Tks for the info :)

Dear ReanaClaire,

Went to read your post blog. You look young and great. Blessed with 3 lovely & loving children...tks for ur support. Do keep in touch :)

LauraLeia said...

Good luck to all of us! :D
Let's keep our fingers crossed before then. ^^

Mummy Gwen said...

How come I don't get how this contest works? Good Luck to you, Iriene. :D

KimberlyMay said...

YOU WENT TO LONDON?!?!??! So nice! If I'm ever fortunate enough to go to London, I will definitely take a picture of the Sherlock Holmes statue :) Good luck to you too!

Simon Seow said...

I only got hard copies of the pics that I took when I visited Sherlock Holmes museum lol.

sabahking said...

hope u can win that ticket since u put a lot of effort inside !!

vialentino said...

good luck in ur contest...hope u can win the ticket too

SJ said...

like your title all the best

A smile from SJ =)

Nikel Khor said...

nice post..i like