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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ratatouille - Remy the Chef


Hi, do you still remember the rat named Remy...the main cast
of Disney-Pixar Ratatouille? Whenever I sounded my son for
being too slow chewing, enjoying his food, he will answer me..
Remy said you must chew slowly and enjoy your food :)

Some pictures that I took at Disney Orlando - where they
put up
the characters from the movie Ratatouille...enjoy...

Can you see the sketch of Emile (Remy's brother) ?

And here is a clay model of Emile.

Two clay models, from left to right ;
Skinner ( The bossy head chef at Gusteau's ),
Django ( Remy's father and leader of the rat clan )

Paintings of scenes from Ratatouille .

At Disney-MGM Studio (Orlando) you can join
in the class (free) where the artist / illustrator
will demonstrate and guide you how to draw
the Disney cartoons character. When we were
there, the illustrator taught us how to sketch
Pluto (the Mickey Mouse's pet)

Thanks for dropping by here, I really appreciate it!


Kev said...

Glad you enjoyed the videos that have inspired you.

Waa.... you visited Orlando? Isn't there Sea World there, too? Lucky ... I wonder when I'd have the money or chance to even go abroad.

By the way, i live around Ayer Keroh. :) Do drop by my blog as often as you want ...take care!

Family of Four said...

Very educational. Wish I could travel more and see the world's delights.

Merryn said...

Da only Disneyland I've been to is the one in Japan where everything's Japanese! Hehehe.. Monkey see monkey do here Iriene..G&nuff

Deepak said...

I liked your work.

Mummy Gwen said...

Remy is one of my girl's fav character. She even imitates how Remy eats..hahaha. You travel alot lucky.

Iriene said...

Dear Kev,

That's great! I believe you will visit this wonderful theme park soon :) All the best and Happy new year 2013 to you and family!

Iriene said...

Dear family of Four,

Thanks for dropping by. Wishes do come true :)

Iriene said...

Dear Merryn,

I love to visit Disney Japan too.
Would put it in my wish list :)

Iriene said...

Thanks Deepak :)

Iriene said...

Dear Mummy Gwen,

Gwen is so cute ... she is really adorable. Thanks for dropping by :)