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Monday, August 17, 2009



Recently when I went for a delicious plate of 'rojak'
at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, something caught my attention!
(as shown on the last photo at the bottom)
Have a look and you can share your comments too :)

The beautifully designed street sign done
by previous Government....just before the
8th March 2008 General Election :)

One year later, broken street sign discovered
around the same housing area.
Someone who
are considerate enough has taken the initiative
to fix it, but I
think it is a temporary measure...
not perfectly done.

Eh..What is happening to this street sign? Dropped off ??
It seems somebody has done a nice welding job. The
street sign sit nicely there...

BUT I just wonder, why is it placed so whom are they
supposed to show..cats, dogs or tortoise ? (at eye level)

Aren't street signs for people to locate places...
Or am I wrong? Do share your opinions..


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rojak...yummy! I am a big fans of it. Especially eat it with cendol, slurp!

I think I know which rojak stall that you mentioned at Sea Park, will try it one day.

renaye said...

no wonder i can't find signboards sometimes!

Deepak said...

Wonderful information on the sign boards. I liked it.

iriene said...

Hi Sarah's Dad & Mom,

The owner of the rojak stayed near my 'taman'..but they do not sell at my place, they sell at Sea Park,
this was the 1st time I tried...

Thanks for dropping by, take care :)

irfan said...

hehehe..thanx for visiting ok?hehehe nice post about sign.hehe.

Baby said...

you know what? if you happen to be at the shoplots at jalan equine 9 & so on... you'll find missing road sign boards. they're there when the place was still new and not much offices but now? i had a great time locating the right lane the other day.

Family of Four said...

Very funny.Nice touch of humour. Keep it up!

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha...all these look so familiar. :P

Kev said...

Hi Iriene, street signs are meant to confuse people, and that's why they're hidden behind trees, dropped too low, get peeled off and comes in various shapes and colours ...hehehe

Seriously speaking, I wonder what the MPSJ, MPSA or other MPs have been doing after GE-12.

Merryn said...

Iriene, those street signs are for short people like ME! LOL..

doryvien said...

Hi Iriene,

Nice observation about street signs. In my country we do have streets with NO street signs at all, so I guess you're luckier as you do have them even for "not humans" LOL

iriene said...

Dear Doryvien,

Thanks for dropping by :)
In Malaysia, there are sign post without the signage too, some even sprayed by paint on it (vandalism)..

See you at myLot, all the best!

Raoul said...

Hi! updated my blog! thanks for the tip about my missing photos! Its fixed :-)

Parents who blog? Cool :-)