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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This evening as I walked back from the LRT station carrying 3 bags full of books
purchased from International Book Fair at PWTC and my usual black handbag,
I were panting when I reached the top of the stairs. So I quickly put down those
heavy bags and about to lean on 1 white car parked near the houses. Immediately
I stopped my intention when I saw the car quite dusty and dirty. It will definitely stain my
white t-shirt. But something caught my eyes and a smile was drawn on my face..

You know what, someone noticed the car was dirty and he/she wrote "sila basuh" on
the car itself (on the dirt, something like when we draw on a misty mirror). Couldn't
believe my eye that someone will take an extra mile to write on it. With technology
is so handy nowadays, I took out my handphone and snapped it. I hope you all can see
the words written " sila basuh ". Sila basuh means please wash.


James said...

Hahaha ...high time for the owner of the car to send it for a splash :)

Iriene said...

Hi James,

You are right!