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Monday, April 13, 2009


My first taste of Disneyland is Euro Disneyland in Paris way back in Jan 1993.
I think at that time the Euro Disneyland just open not long ago.

The tea pot is quite unique coz it can release steam out of its spout, and the cover
will open up at its interval.

Careful, thou shall not tell lies... remember what happened to Pinnochio?

Such a long queue for the ride! You know why? There is some
technical problem, therefore the crowd accumulated and bottleneck...

It is okay to visit Euro Disney IF it is your first visit to Disneyland.
But if you are given one chance, then the most wonderful Disneyland,
the one that everyone should go will be Walt Disney World Orlando
coz they have everything and it is AWESOME...


James said...

I heard that those popular ride in Disney always need to queue..and queue...LOL

Iriene said...

Dear James,

Ya.. especially during peak season like summer holiday :)