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Friday, January 24, 2014



It is less than a week now to greet and welcome this new year of Horse, as it galloping fast to bring happiness, prosperity, good health and abundant of wealth to us all :)

So, how's your Chinese New Year preparation so far? Almost there?
For myself, I have to decorate my home and office too. Since I am also incharge
of Office Administration, I decorated my office doors with the prosperous symbolic ornaments.
Have a look here ... Hampers with cookies like pineapple tarts, arrowhead chips also known as 'ngaku',  almond nut cookies, cashew nut cookies, love letters etc


Horse paintings and horse ornaments are my bosses' favorites too :)


Oh yes, what is the colour of Chinese New Year? RED of course!!
It is believe to bring good luck ....
Therefore, I need to go to the banks and other outlets to collect the RED packets
to make 'angpau' for the company's employees, friends, relatives and to make lanterns for hanging too!

 Any variants of red are welcome! I love pink, maroon, Orange .........

Orange .... Yes ..... Oranges is a must. We need to bring oranges when we go visiting our families and friends' homes as a gesture of wishing them abundance of good luck and prosperity. The pronunciation for oranges in Cantonese is 'kam' which has similar sound as 'gold' too.  Imagine receiving gold .....ahem, ahem :D

My this Chinese New Year Check List almost done except I have not shop at my favorite outlet for
my Company Chinese New Year Gathering Luncheon outfit! Almost every year I will go to Kuala Lumpur City to shop for my Chinese New Year dress, simple and nice.... can wear during CNY
and also to work.

I must think fast, we are living in a fast moving world, suddenly my mind blink with the idea
"Eureka .... I have found it!" I can shop online. It is convenient and I can browse through just a click away ....

I remembered seeing the ads before on this online shopping, so I type Chinese New Year Collection. 
A variety of designers dresses, blouses, skirts with vibrant colors are available. I am surprised that it also carries my favorite brand "Colours" ! So 'tunggu apa lagi?' I must quickly order when my size,
design, and colors still available, right ?

I would like to wish all my readers, family and friends here ...



The Chosen One said...

WOW! My wife will definitely like Amber Chia & Melinda Looi's collections. I'll ask her to browse through.

Iriene said...

Dear The Chosen One,

I sure your wife will love all the fabulous collections, and this beautiful dresses will find its way into your wife's wardrobe :)

ChrisAu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy CNY to you!!

Twilight Man said...


Veronica Ng said...

Looking at your beautiful red decor made me miss the festive mood in Malaysia. I didn't decorate my house this year, didn't buy any new clothes, ... As this year CNY falls on weekdays. However I did make some CNY cookies although only a few cookies left. One thing I would surely do is give ang pows to my kids and nephew. Anyway, wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year.

[SK] said...

yeah, CNY is coming in a week's time.. but i think many people cut down buying things, since everything is getting more expensive now.. well, also as i aged, i also don't buy that many new clothes, haha~~ :D

Wishing you an advanced happy and prosperous CNY to you and family :)

Iriene said...

Dear Chris Au,

Thanks :)

Iriene said...

Dear Twilight Man,

Yes....Ong Mali Mali Ong, Huat Ah!

Iriene said...

Dear Veronica Ng,

Thanks for dropping by :)
Yes, giving ang pow to those young ones is a tradition that we should continue for good wishes :)

Iriene said...

Dear SK,

Hahaha ... that's what I heard too, many people are looking for reasonably priced and affordable items to buy, no longer on luxuries.

Rose said...

Happy CNY. Look like everything is ready to welcome the Year of Horse! :)

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yeah, true. Online shopping has become the norm of today's generation. (:

Iriene said...

Dear Rose,

Yes, this Friday (31/1/14)is first day of the Lunar New Year. The most important of all is on 30/1/14 - The Reunion Dinner for the family members gathering.

Happy CNY to you too :)

Iriene said...

Dear Jemsen,

Me too, book cinema tickets online because no need to stand and wait in long queue, no need to rush for car park earlier and can use credit card that can earn points too :)

Waverly Charlotte said...

Happy CNY to you, Iriene. =)

Iriene said...

Dear Waverly Charlotte,

Thanks for dropping by and your wonderful wishes. Have a great weekend ahead :)

JamesKYTan said...

Shopping on line is best. It is easy and time saving,

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Iriene,

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog.
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

Iriene said...

Dear James,

Truly agree with you on online convenience :)

Iriene said...

Dear Sarah's Daddy and Mommy,

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family too :)

sgrmse. said...

happy chinese new year to you & your family!!! my colours this year were more pink & gold than red & gold. hehe.

Iriene said...

Dear sgrmse,

I also love pink. Thank you for your comment and Happy CNY to you and love ones too :)

Lee Y E said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family.
I hope this year of Horse brings joy, happiness and love to everyone :)

Iriene said...

Dear Lee,

Time passes by so fast. Tomorrow will be Chap Goh Mei which is also
known as Chinese Valentine's Day!
For lovers, it will be double celebrations as the Western Valentine's Day fall on the same day too!