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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transformers The Ride (Universal Studio Singapore)

It was absolutely awesome that I went for the rides
3 times in a row continuously!

The director of the Transformers film franchise, Michael Bay
has collaborated with Universal Studio on the ride. You are in
for the thrill of a life time!

The NEST (Non-biological Extra-terresterial Support Team)
As we enter the NEST, there are many exhibits for us to
see as we queue for the RIDE.

The remainder of the allspark fragment
(as seen in Transformer 2 - Revenge of the Fallen)

If you are in Singapore, and you are also Transformers
fan...please make SURE your take the Transformer Ride.
It is like we are Evac and in the middle of the battle! Full
of special effects, smokes, heat and water ...... being thrown
over blocks of building ...WoW!

Cheers and stay happy always!


lvynana said...

Any pic of the ride?

passive income said...

You been to singapore? I lived here but I have not been on the ride. I hope to go there soon, was it fun?

Iriene said...

Dear Ivynana,

No,I did not snap any photo during the ride. There are some videos in youtube available if you do the search :)

Dear passive income : this ride is really fun ... should try!

Lawrence said...

Would be going there soon. ^^

Iriene said...

Dear Lawrence,

Yes, go for the RIDE :)

suituapui said...

Wow!!! Not into Transformers but that looks awesome!

Iriene said...

Dear suituapui,

It is an interesting and awesome ride indeed. Truly enjoyed it :)

Rose said...

My sis been there early this month and she like the ride! She recommended me to give the Transformer Ride a try!

Iriene said...

Yes, you must try...really awesome!

JamesKYTan said...

I'll name it Transformer The Ultimate Ride. Try it to believe.

Iriene said...

James : You are absolutely right :)

hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

it's been a while!! thanx for dropping u went to the transformers ride i still missing it..and summore got the bumblebee car..that's cool

Iriene said...

Dear hcworld,

You must not miss this ride, it is really good! One of the best ride in the world!