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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel (Christmas)

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number : (603) - 2074 3900
Time : 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm (Saturdays only for Hi-Tea)

Was here last Saturday with my son. The spread was so
good that I decided to come again and bring my mum
and hubby along this time. (ps.. we bought the vouchers at
1/2 price)

My mum who is quite choosy on food - the food must be healthy,
less oily etc. really satisfied with the spread here especially the
Chinese food section!

Christmas is around the corner as you can see snowman
all around near the fruits and strawberry/chocolate fountains.

Roasted turkey with delicious stuffing was excellent!

Fresh seafood are abundant especially the mouth watering
fresh oysters, abalone, scallop, baby octopus, salmon fish.
Not forgetting the sushi section too!

I overheard their laksa was good 'hou leng' but I did not
try as I am really full till the brim...

All kinds of desserts - Christmas cakes, cookies, nyonya kuih,
yoghurt ice-cream, ice kacang, chendol ... have it the way you
like it!

There are Malay & Indian cuisines too. Their chicken satay
was superb! I did try Indian Naan and papadum, fish head
curry etc.

Take some fresh air outside the garden to digest the food
and back again for the dim sum... oh yes, their Chinese
Section "Steam Fish" is the favorite selection.. they
keep replenish it many many times...that is really good!
Go for the steam fish (first thing) once you arrive there ...
hot and
tasty. They offer roasted duck, herbal chicken and
many more.

Fountains and greens to relax our mind and soul :)


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Looks really good. (:

Iriene said...

Jemsen : it taste good too :)
Wanna join me in 2012 ??

Passive Income said...

Well does reminds you xmas is round the corner. You enjoy your holidays.

Iriene said...

Dear Passive Income :

Your blog is interesting too :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2012.

hatmui said...

Been here with my family last year. Great food :)

dblchin (double chin) said...

wow yums yums yums!!! I can't wait to head to KL next weekkkk!!!

Iriene said...

Dear dblchin : Glad to know that you r coming to KL... it is quite happening now with the X'mas decor at the malls and hotels :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there, may i know where did you buy the discount voucher for the buffet? would like to try out in coming weeks. thanks for sharing.

Iriene said...

Dear anonymous,

I attends some AGMs which they gave hotel vouchers. Some people do not intend to use so they would sell them at about 40% discount from market price. At times KFC , McD, hotels in KL, Genting cash card etc.