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Monday, June 6, 2011


Luxuriously and strategically located, Hotel Michael welcome
to indulge and experience the world-class entertainment
and leisure
destinations. You will find Universal Studio Singapore,
Animatronic Crane Dance, a multi-million dollar theatrical
production - Voyage De La Vie and Casino at Resorts World

.. all ... awaiting to unveil its magical moments ............

Entrance to Hotel Michael - Reception Lobby. Smooth check-in at
the reception. 3 complimentary car park passes for 3D2N stay.
Complimentary 3 days monorail card for us to go around.
We went to Vivo City. Going out of Sentosa do not need the pink
monorail pass but to enter back to Sentosa you need to use it.

Lift Area at 11th Floor where we can relax, surf the internet and
charge our laptop at these special settee. From the round window
you can have a peek at the exciting Battlestar Galactica Roller
- Universal Studio Singapore.

The bright colored walk way to our Deluxe Suite.

A panoramic view of the stylish interior in the Deluxe Suite.

A warm welcome note appeared on the LCD tv ... wow!

King Size bed, tv area and a secret window (on the left) that
opens to an aromatherapy bath tub.

Close up view of the long bath with aromatherapy salt and a
built-in LCD tv so that we won't miss our favorite tv program
while bathing.

An interesting and refreshing names given to the toiletries.

Fresh Kisses for Tooth Brush
Crowning Glory for Shower Cap
Untangle It for Comb
Close Shave for shaver

A pull-out wooden stool is provided to allow children
to reach the basin.

Close-up photos of the 'walk in ' stylish bath room - that
includes a dressing table, washroom, luxurious bath tub, 2 basins,
a blue
mosaic circular shower room with overhead rain shower and
flexible hand held shower unit.

Complete with mini bar and in room coffee making facilities.
Ice dispensing unit available outside the room.

A comfortable couch to relax.

Flower motif mosaic on the washroom's wall.

Well known Michael Graves artistic paintings
adorned beautifully as part of the interior.

"You won’t ever wish to leave once you have
stayed in one of these spacious suites. With a
luxurious king-sized bed and ample room space,
these suites are perfect for a romantic getaway
for two."
- quoted from RWS website.

Truly ... the deluxe suite speaks for itself !
I wish I can stay more nights there ... ... ..
so much to see, and much much more to experience!

A Million Thanks To Resort World Sentosa
for giving
us A Million Moments of Magic!


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Very lucky of you! ;) haha.

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

hie, it's been a while..thanx for dropping by my blog again..and you're so this hotel is so cool

Iriene said...

Jemsen : A surprising surprise, a blessings from God :)

of tr@vels : yes, the suite is really stylish and comfy :)

MeRy said... win prize from contest?...very nice hotel.

For the Exabytes contest and prize, pls check out their facebook or go to this link :

Iriene said...

Dear MeRy,

Yes, Resort World Sentosa Singapore
generously sponsor this VIP tour, absolutely awesome :)

Tks for the link, all the best to you!

JamesKYTan said...

You won a 2-night stay in a luxurious suite! What a blessing! I hope you will win more contests.

Little Kit Boy said...

Iriene, firstly congratulations. What a nice holiday.

Secondly, thanks for dropping by my blog and finally, wishing you good luck in all the contest that you'v participated.

Keep it up!!

Iriene said...

Dear James,

Thanks for the wishes :)

Dear Little Kit Boy,

Thanks and do keep in touch!

Merryn said...

wow wow wow wow wow! That is a truly nice place! :)

Iriene said...

Dear Merryn,

Yes, this RWS have everything integrated in one resort ..
as their tagline stated :-

"A Million Moments.One World"

We truly enjoyed our stay there,

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Iriene, how you doin'? This hotel in Singapore?
Really beautiful and comfy.
Love your well taken pics.....and that bedroom looks inviting, ha ha.
Have fun and keep well.

Iriene said...

Dear Mr. lee,

That is the latest development by Genting Group. A very interesting and world-class entertainment hub complete with 6 hotels, Universal Studio Singapore and a casino. If
you visit Singapore, do visit RWS.
It is in Sentosa Island.

Thanks for dropping by and be happy :)

prince n princess mum said...

Love the design, simply classical and nice!

Iriene said...

Dear prince n princess mum,

Yes, I truly hope to stay there again :) Thanks ...

piter said...

I have visited Singapore and Sentosa Island two year ago. It is very small island with amazing infrastructure. This hotel is very famous for foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of that island.

Pousada no litoral Paulista

Sitie BUm BUm said...

Can't afford it with just with my own wage! Hm..I should find a Prince. =p

Iriene said...

Dear piter,
Sentosa Island is fast developing.
Resort World Singapore is building
more hotels. In Singapore there is
2 new casinos. Tks for dropping by :)

Iriene said...

Dear Sitie,

This hotel & resort really beautiful.
Very near to Universal Studio Singapore. Hope you will be blessed and have plenty of money to enjoy.
Tks for dropping by :)