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Monday, January 10, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Go Green Hornet, Go Go Go ............
Go, Get the Criminals,
Fight till the End,
Make Our World a Better Place !

If I am a Green Hornet : Ahem.... this will be my strategy =D
I will make the criminals live in fear BECAUSE among them
LIVE the Green Hornet who will live to pursue them till the

The criminals do not know who am I BUT I know where
to find them and destroy everything that is 'criminals'..

Who is the Green Hornet?? When will Green Hornet strike??

These will be the questions that stays in their mind forever.
Green Hornet is ordinary person that do the extraordinary
thing to fight crimes in our neighborhood!

Green Hornet : Actions speak Louder than words :)

Green Hornet

Therefore, to know more about Green Hornet, just visit them
at cinemas on this 27th January 2011 to see Seth Rogen and
Jay Chou in action ...... Actions speaks louder !!

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