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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Empire Hotel Subang Jaya

First and foremost, I would like to thank Empire Hotel and
MixFM for this wonderful weekend-getaway.

This beautiful wall will greet us at the entrance of the
B1 carpark's lift to Hotel's Lobby.

The contemporary design of its interior can be seen at
the Empire Hotel Lobby.

There is a sitting place for guest while waiting for the lift.

The electronic card will grant access to the guest room.
I like this words printed on the card "Open Sesame".
It truly open to a beautiful decorated room with latest
hi-technology features :)
Unveiling the rising new wonder of contemporary

King Size bed with complimentary internet access via
personal laptop or television (32" Samsung LCD TV)

iPod docking station for our listening pleasure :)

The bathroom and its amenities :)

Complimentary buffet breakfast at Kitchen Art Brasserie.
They also provide for Sahur at 4:30am - 5:30am during
Ramadhan Month.

The beautiful settings at Kitchen Art Brasserie, indoor and

Shout Lounge at the Lobby.

It is quite convenient as it is located next to Empire Shopping
Gallery where you may find fashion and gourmet feast at
its best.

At the moment, Empire Hotel have special Introductory
Offer Rates until 30th September 2010. For reservation,
the hunting line is : 603-5565 1388
Website :

Photos courtesy of Jemsen from


smallkucing said...


reanaclaire said...

when when.. can i ever go.. love it!

vialentino said...

hi iriene,

thanks for ur comment...u also seems to enjoy travel and ur pics too.

Iriene said...

Dear smallkucing : Empire Hotel yet to furnish their executive suite which is now 'work-in-progress'.

Dear Reanaclaire : You can reserve the hotel, they are having promotion now. RMRM223++ for single and RM238++
for Double inclusive of breakfast and internet.

Dear Vialentino : Wow, this month you are packed with holidays :)

Merryn said...

:D nice to get a break once in a while eh? i've not been to empire at all :)

Iriene said...

Dear Merryn,

Yes, you are absolutely right :)
School holiday is coming soon..

MeRy said...

Wow...nice hotel.

iriene said...

Dear MeRy : Yes, it is quiet modern and contemporary especially their
interior. More executive suites to be furnish yet.

Anonymous said...

I like omelette for breakfast. Empire Hotel is a new one in Subgg Jaya?

Iriene said...

Dear Mei Teng,

Yes, Empire Hotel is the new hotel in Subang Jaya. It had it soft launching on 21st June 2010.

Mummy Gwen said...

This hotel is so modern. Nice. I thought that lady in the pic was you..hehe.

JamesKYTan said...

Yes I stayed lately. The room is without long bath, only showers. Rooms with bath tub are not ready yet.

JamesKYTan said...

The OPEN SESAME reminds me of Aladdin story when you call out the words "Open Sesame." The entrance to the cave opens and reviews abundance of jewels and stones and treasures.

Iriene said...

Mummy Gwen : Yes, that is :)

Iriene said...

Dear James : Yes, the words "Open Sesame" is very special.