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Thursday, July 8, 2010

“What If I’m a Russian Spy”

Evelyn Salt and Iriene Pepper are from the
same ' Russian Spy Academy'. Both have gone
through intensive training and graduated with
excellent award.

All Russian spies have a coded name. Salt,
Pepper were our names. We have spies
name 'Octopus' in Germany, 'Chopsticks'
in China, 'Waka' in South Africa & many more!

At the moment, Evelyn Salt is stationed in
USA for a special
mission. She has fitted in
with the society and happily married.

Meanwhile, Iriene Pepper have gone places
like Seoul, Korea to accomplish the mission
over there.
She has to find out on the actors
and actresses with genuine beauty and report
on those who had done cosmetic surgery.

With this 'classified information', Russia can
'cripple' South Korea if they make the first
move in 'Nuclear Warfare', then their whole

entertainment industry will go down the drain!

In Bangkok, Thailand - 'pepper' impersonated
as one of the beautiful 'Tiffany doll' to investigate
any other nation' spies stationed there. As you may
spot 'pepper' was on the mobile phone reporting to
her 'HQ' in Russia.

So, the question to 'What if I (aka 'pepper') a
Russian Spy' does not matter any more BECAUSE
I am a Russian Spy....hahaha ....... ROTFL

Since you all know who am I, I got nothing to hide!
I will now join my partner 'Evelyn Salt' in the project
'S A L T' to find out who actually framed her !!!
I will equipped myself with Sony HD bloggie, to
snap some evidence as proofs and send back to
the 'HQ' immediately.

I will meet up with her on 29th July 2010, BUT
since I am also a 'Glitterati Nuffnanger' ------
I might drop by earlier :-

(Being a Russian spy with double agent identity
like Glitterati Nuffnang status has its perks,
therefore I truly encourage other fellow
spies to join Nuffnang).

Date : 26th July 2010

Time : 9 pm (Malaysian Time)

Venue : GSC Mid Valley.

Ooops, I need to bring my credit cards since the
Malaysian Mega Sale start on 24th July 2010..
'Shopping' is also my secret mission ... especially
for Sony products like SONY HD bloggie. I heard
the quality is excellent, fit for a spy and blogger
like me :D My Russia 'HQ' has entrusted me to
buy as many Sony products as possible for our
other spies all over the globe.

Photo of Evelyn Salt & Iriene Pepper with
Sony HD bloggie in their next adventure.

You tend to meet us in the western restaurants.
'Salt & Pepper' are essential & full of flavour!
but 'unnoticeable', therefore it is easy for us
to accomplish our missions...

: the above story was entirely fiction.
Totally 'made up missions' for this blog


Everlyn said...

Funny idea wit salt n pepper..lolx =)

Iriene said...

Dear Everlyn,

Tks for your comment.
I try to visit your blog but was denied access...
Cheers and take care :)

Wan Ahmad Nabil said...

oww yeaa, so fantasticc aaa. good luck for you. hehe :)


wish there was a bigger, clearer picture of agent pepper! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice one. You are so creative. :)

auhleyyah said...

nice one..gudluck =)

thenomadGourmand said...

Hello there!
HEhe..nice! totally love your creativity and spontaneity of your post!

Iriene said...

Dear thenomadGourmand,

Thanks for your wonderful compliment. Truly appreciates it :)

Iriene said...

Dear mummy Gwen and auhleyyah,

thanks a lot dear :)
Yes, I won the movie tickets and we enjoyed watching SALT very much!

Iriene said...

Dear Ihsan Khairir,

Hahaha ...

How are you?, and thanks for dropping by :)

Iriene said...

Dear Wan Ahmad Nabil,

Thanks :) for the comment and thanks for dropping by my blog!